8 Cheapest Dog Breeds In India (2024) [With Price]

Let’s be honest, dogs are quite expensive to get and take care of, and unless you have a stable income, it is difficult to manage the expenses.

According to reports of Investopedia, the annual expense of owning a dog is $1381 dollars which roughly converts in Indian rupees as ₹70,000 -₹80,000 (excluding the cost of purchasing the dog).

Source: Investopedia

In case of a high maintenance dog, these expenses may even go even higher.

So here is the list of the cheapest dogs in India so that you can start being the dog parent that you always wanted to be – without making a hole in your wallet.

How to get the cheapest dog in India ?

Adoption: Adopting a dog is the best choice ever. You can reach out to the nearest dog shelter, reach out to influencers on social media who regularly put dogs up for adoption, or if you know someone who has a pregnant dog.

The best thing about adopting a dog is that you might get your dream dog you always wanted without even spending a penny.

Don’t go for foreign dog breeds: Another best way to get the cheapest dog in India is to avoid froreign dog breeds like Golden Retriever, Huskies, Pitbull, German Shepherd, rottweiler etc. because they are usually expensive.

Furthermore, they are not made for the type of weather India has.

For example, Huskies are meant for cold weather and they struggle here. They get sick easily and they are high maintenance which cost your money as well as your time.

So rather go for Indian Breeds that are cheap and low maintenance.

Non vaccinated: Although this is definitely not recommended, non-vaccinated dogs are generally cheaper than the ones that are properly vaccinated by breeders. There is a high chance of dogs having rabies and major health issues.

8 Cheapest Dog Breeds In India (With Price)

Indian Spitz 

Indian Spitz is one of the cheapest dog breeds in India that you can get if you want a dog that resembles a foriegn breed.

There is a detailed article written about the price of Indian Spitz in India on this website.

This dog is a mix of a German Spitz and an Indian dog. It was bred during the British came to India when they brought some German Spitz along with them.

It used to be one of the most popular dogs in India in the 80’s.

This dog is often mistaken as a pomeranian in India but they are quite different from each other which you can read.

Price ₹5,000-₹15,000
Food Price ₹3,000-₹4,000

Pariah Dog 

Pariahs are just stray dogs that you see everywhere on the streets. The best thing about this dog is that you don’t have to pay money to get it.

They have the strongest immune systems, mostly eat home cooked food, shed less, and they can adapt to any weather in India, which makes them low maintenance pets. When it comes to vet visits and grooming you will save a lot of money.

And they are also extremely intelligent, loyal and great guard dogs. They are better than any fancy foriegn breed.

But sadly they have a bad reputation and are not even considered as domestic pets by most people.

You can visit any animal rescue dog shelters or you pick a lost puppy from your street to get this dog.

You need to be patient with pariah puppies in the beginning because they are not actually used to being indoors and they will cry all night and might try to run away often.

But once they start to gain trust they can be the best dog ever.

Price ₹0
Food Price ₹3,000-₹4,000


Rajapalayam is another Indian origin breed that is one the cheapest dogs in India. The price of a Rajapalayam is quite affordable in terms of Indian standards.

This dog is quite popular in the Southern part of India especially Tamil Nadu.

They are one of the best guard dogs ever. They are very territorial in nature and don’t like strangers at all.

They are very low maintenance and healthy dogs but due to a lot of cross breeding they have lost the quality that they once had.

Deafness is a very common issue with these dogs so you need to make sure of that before you decide to get one.

Price ₹6,000-₹20,000
Food Price ₹3,000-₹4,000

Labrador Retriever

Labradors are the cheapest foriegn dog breed in India. They are quite popular among Indians and since they are bred locally they cost quite less compared to other imported breeds.

They are kind of high maintenance in terms of regular walks and the diets because they put on weight too easily.

The price of a Labrador may vary depending on how rare the color of the dog is, for example brown is quite rare in India so they may be costlier than the regular fawn colored ones.

Other factors like Age, Health, Gender can also determine the price.

Price ₹10,000-₹20,000
Food Price ₹4,000-₹7,000

Bhakarwal Dog

Bakarwal dogs are mostly available in the extreme northern part of India like Manali, Shimla etc. where the temperature is mostly cold.

They are the friendliest dogs you can ever come across. They crave affection and will be by your side always.

They are mostly used as guard dogs by the farms to protect goats and sheep.

They love snow just like huskies so they are not the type of dogs that would be comfortable in a place like Mumbai, Chennai etc.

They are also very low maintenance when it comes to diet because they have a vegetarian appetite which could save a lot of money but that doesn’t mean they don’t or need a non-vegetarian diet.

Price ₹5,000-₹20,000
Food Price ₹2,500-₹4,000

Bully Kutta

Bully Kutta is a large breed dog that is available in Punjab region of India and Pakistan. They are used as guard dogs and companion dogs.

Bully Dogs are notorious for being really dense, as in they are really hard to train and need a little patience, but once properly trained they can be one of the best working dogs ever.

This dog will be satisfied with home prepared meals such as chicken, rice, and egg, which is cost effective.

They can withstand hot weather really well compared to most dogs which makes things a lot easier for Indians.

They are quite aggressive towards strangers which is a perfect trait for a guarding dog so if you need an alternative for German Shepherd, Pitbull then Bully Dog is the perfect one for you.

Price ₹5,000-₹20,000
Food Price ₹2,500-₹4,000


Another Indian dog breed which originated from southern India (especially from Tamil Nadu)

They are popular for being great guard dogs after Rajapalayam.

Kombai dogs look a lot similar to typical stray dogs so someone who doesn’t know about kombais may have a hard time differentiating.

They have aggressive temperament just as expected from a guard dog. They have a great immune system and won’t get sick that often.

They also eat home cooked meals like haldi rice mixed with chicken and egg.

So you don’t need to spend too much on fancy dog food like Pedigree, Royal Canan etc.

Price ₹5,000-₹10,000
Food Price ₹2,500-₹4,000


They are also very great guard dogs almost at par with Bully Kutta. They are very territorial and often get into fights with other dogs.

They originated from the place that they are named after in Andhra Pradesh.

They are very stubborn and hard to train and they mostly prefer to be independent so they may not be comfortable with staying indoors so regular walks outside is a must.

And just like any other dog in this list they are comfortable with the home cooked food.

FAQs: Cheapest Dog in India

Which is the best and cheapest dog to buy in India ?

The cheapest dog fancy looking dog that you can buy is Indian Spitz apart from that Labrador is also the cheapest foreign breed.

What are the cheapest breeds in India under (2k) ?

Most Indian breeds like Rajapalayam, Kombai etc are between the price bracket of ₹2,000-₹15,000.

Do cheap dog breeds in India have health issues ?

Yes, in the case of foriegn breeds but Indian breeds are generally very cheap and they don’t come with health issues or diseases.


So that was the list of cheapest dogs in India, hope you could make the best decision out of this list.

Every dog we listed here is budget friendly and won’t make a big impact on your savings.

The reason why we are in the favor of Indie dogs is because when you adopt/get an Indie you are not only saving money but also saving lives of those pups.

Indian dogs like Pariah are the best choice for the ones with tight budgets and they are just as lovely as foreign breeds.

Make sure to buy all the necessary items for dogs like leashes, toys, dog shampoo etc. before getting a dog.

Another thing you need to keep in mind is that when you bring an adopted dog home for the first time you need to be very patient with them because they are not used to the new environment.

They will be very intimidated by you in the beginning and they will cry all night but over time they will start to trust you.

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