Jersey Giant Chicken Complete Information Guide

Jersey giant chicken is one of the heaviest breed of american class. Mainly used for meat purpose. they lays 170 eggs in a year. each egg weigh 60g.

Jersey giant is the American class breed. Originated in New Jersey USA in the late 1800s. Jersey giant chicken is extra large, it is one of the heaviest breeds of America. it is mainly raised for meat purpose which reached the weight up to 13 lbs.

As compared to other, there is not any breed in American class in which the hen achieve 10 lbs weight and rooster achieve 13 lbs weight.

The Jersey giant is developed by the crosses between Dark Brahmas × Black langshan × Black Javas. This cross is done by John and Thomas black. The purpose of crossing this breeds is to produce Heavy chicken breed.

The growth rate is quite slow compared to others. FCR (Feed conversion rate) of jersey giants is Poor. the jeresy giant chicken lifespan is around 10 years if it takes care properly.

Jersey Giant Chicken Facts

Name of Breed Jersey giant  
Other Name of Breed No  
Origin USA  
Development year 1800  
Disposition Calm, Docile,
Friendly and Active.  
    Variety Black
Comb type Single comb  
Main colour Black  
Purpose Meat Purpose  
Cock weight 5.5 kg to 5.8 kg ( 12 lbs to 13 lbs).  
Cockrel weight 5 kg (11 lbs)  
Hen weight 4 kg to 4.5 kg (9 lbs to 10 lbs).  
Pullet weight 3.6 kg (8 lbs)  
Egg capacity per year 150-170 eggs  
Age at first Egg (days) 155 -175  
Egg weight 55-60 g  
Egg color Brown  
Egg size Extra Large  
Skin color Yellow    
Shank color Depend on variety  
Survivability %  upto 6 weeks 98


There are three varieties of jersey giant both have large single comb type

                      Variety               Approved year By APA
             Black Jersey giant chicken                          1922
             White jersey giant chicken                          1947
             Blue Jersey giant Chicken                          2002

All the three varieties have similar characteristics only the plumage, Beak and shank color is different.

Jersey Giant Chicken characteristics

the main characteristics of jersey giant chicken is their size. It is one of heaviest chicken in America larger than Plymouth rock chicken which is quite popular for their meat. jersey giant is fair egg layers that lay extra-large size eggs. They are calm in disposition but the foraging ability is poor. It is cold Hardy heavy fowl.

The angular shape of the body, large shanks, and large size single comb gives them a perfect look.

The black variety is a little bit heavier than the white variety. Both perform better in winter.

It is a very good mothers and as well as sister. They show broodiness but it is not good to hatch eggs below the hen because of their heavy size. They don’t fly due to their heavyweight.

The egg and meat are two sides of the coin in the poultry industry. Jersey giant is also as good as in both meat and eggs.

Appearance of Jersey giant

Black Jersey giant has full black color plumage. They have Black beaks which are slightly curved also has black shanks with no feathers. Shanks has a thick diameter. The feather is hard and fluffy.

White Jersey Giants have full white color plumage which looks Pretty good and beautiful. They have yellowish beak which is slightly curved and shanks are dark willow colored, clean feathered and are in thick diameter

All the varieties have large size single comb type which is vertically upright in position and have five to six tips. The color of the comb is bright red.

Wattles and earlobes are the same in all three varieties. The wattles are equal in size and soft dark red in color. Ear lobes are half of the wattles or dark red in color.

Breast is full broad and deep.

Meat Production of Jersey giant

The breed appears in the heavy category. Production of meat is quite good. one rooster is enough for a small party. Generally, people prefer the meat of jersey giant below the six months of age. The meat of cockerel is better than cock.

Jersey giant Grows slowly and conversion of feed to meet is quite slow. Simply it takes time to gain weight. Skin color is generally yellow in all varieties.

 The average standard weight of cock ranges between 5.5 kg to 5.8 kg ( 12 lbs to 13 lbs).

The average standard weight of Hen ranges between  4 kg to 4.5 kg (9 lbs to 10 lbs).

 Egg Production

Jersey Giant is fair in egg production. They give a fair amount of profit to the flock owner with their eggs.

Generally. the Jersey giant egg size is extra large and the color is brown, which weighs around 55-60 kg. they start laying eggs at the age of their  22nd weeks to 23rd weeks and continuously lays up to 72nd weeks. The weight of the hen at the time of first egg noted 7lbs to 8 lbs. After the egg production is over generally the hens are sold for the meat.

Basic care, management and Medication

  • They need a large space. The open foraging area should be doubled than the living area. The brooder, layer or grower house should be separate.
  • House must be clean, dry and hygiene or disinfected for the better growth of the Hen, chicks, Pullet, cock, and cockerel.
  • Extra care of chicks should be done for the chick from their first day.
  • vaccination is essential either you are raising small flock as well as a large flock for better immunity.
  • External and interval deworming are very much needed of hen in every eight weeks for the better egg production.

Why choose Jersey giant?

Is Jersey giant good for your farm?

  • it produces more meat compared to others.
  • It gives extra large brown color eggs.
  • They are very good mothers.
  • Calm, friendly and Docile can be handled easily.
  • Productivity is quite good. It gives rapid returns to their flock owner.

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