Maltipoo Price In India (2024): Everything You Need To Know

If you want to know the Maltipoo Price In India then you have come to the right place.

If you want to know the Maltipoo Price In India then you have come to the right place.

The maltipoo is actually a result of cross breeding between Maltese and a poodle.

It is one of the smallest dog breeds and comes under toy breed type.

It is a hypoallergenic dog with low shedding which makes this dog the perfect choice for someone who is allergic to dog hair.

This breed is mostly popular in the United States and is rarely available in India.

If you want to get this breed you would most probably have to import it.

Keep reading this article so that you can decide if this is the dog you would want to go for ?

Maltipoo is definitely an expensive breed and it is not affordable for most people

A maltipoo puppy costs you between ₹60,000-₹1,50,000 depending on various factors like age, gender, bloodline, place etc.

The reason why it is so expensive is because it is a foreign breed and the breeding of this breed is rare in India and ones that do mostly import it.

If you want to go for a cheaper dog breed there a detailed article on the prices of dog in India 

Maltipoo Price In Delhi

A maltipoo in Delhi may cost anywhere from 40,000 to 90,000 rupees, depending on the various factors the price may go upto lakhs.

Top Breeders in Delhi

  • DV KENNELS (New Delhi, Delhi 110001)
  • Sai Kennels (Delhi 110003)
  • Delhi Dog Kennel (Delhi 110051)
  • K9World Puppy Kennel (New Delhi)

Maltipoo Price In Chandigarh, Punjab

A maltipoo puppy in Punjab can cost anything from 30,000 to 70,000 rupees. The price is also affected by the quality of the dog and the breeder you choose.

Top Breeders in Chandigarh, Punjab

  • Kulbir Kennel (Punjab 141401)
  • ARORA KENNEL MOGA (Punjab 142001)
  • Grewal Kennel (Punjab 141012)
  • Dogs Planet (Jalandhar, Punjab 144008)
  • Royal Bullz Kennel Dasuya (Punjab 144205)

Maltipoo Price In Mumbai, Maharashtra

In Mumbai, a maltipoo costs anywhere from 40,000 to 90,000 rupees, a show quality breed may cost you upto 1,50,000 rupees

Top Breeders in Mumbai

  • Sagar Kennels (Mumbai, Maharashtra)
  • KAPSPETS AAA (Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra 400703)
  • DALVI KENNEL (Maharashtra 400042)
  • Sagar Kennels (Mumbai, Maharashtra)

Maltipoo Price in Pune, Maharashtra

The price of a maltipoo puppy in Pune can range between 40,000 to 90,000 rupees if bought from a reputable breeder.

Top Breeders in Pune

  • Sherry Kennel (Pune, Maharashtra 411037)
  • Shali Pets (Shivajinagar, Pune, Maharashtra 411005)
  • SangFroid Kennel (Pune, Maharashtra 411046)
  • TiN TiN paws (Pune, Maharashtra 411036)

Maltipoo Price In Kerala

In Kerala, the cost of a maltipoo puppy can range from 30,000 to 70,000 rupees. The price may go up to depending on various reasons as well.

Top Breeders in Kerala

  • QUALITY PETS (Palakkad, Kerala 678003)
  • Sumiran Kennel Farm and Aquarium (Kureepuzha, Kerala)
  • Eden Kennel (Kerala 678731)
  • Bowbees (Kerala 686514)

Teacup Price In Hyderabad

A maltipoo puppy might cost somewhere around 40,000 to 90,000 rupees in Hyderabad.

Factors that affect the price of a Maltipoo In India

The price of a dog differs on various factors and those are:

  1. Place: Different places have different prices for a dog. If you import a Malitpoo it is definitely going to cost you a fortune. But if you buy from India it may cost you comparatively less.
  2. Age: Age is a factor that can majorly affect the price of a dog more than any other factors, the younger the puppy the costlier it will be.
  3. Color: Color is also a reason which that determines the price of the dog, some colors are rare so they can cost higher than than the standard color.
  4. Breeder: A reputed breeder will always give you the puppy at a higher price compared to the non reputed ones.
  5. Certified: If a dog is certified with Kennel Club, it ensures the purity of the breed. Hence, it will cost higher
  6. Health: A puppy with no health issues and properly vaccinated will have an impact on the price.

Features of A Maltipoo

Height 35.56cm
Weight 9kg
Lifespan 11-15 years
Temperament Friendly, Loyal and Active
Color Cream, White and Apricot
Puppy Price 60,000-1,50,000
Popularity Low (in India)
Origin United States
Hypoallergenic Yes
Grooming Yes
Maintenance Level Moderate
Behavioral Issue Small Dog Syndrome

As mentioned earlier a maltipoo is a cross between maltese and toy or a miniature poodle dog which makes this dog one the teacup dog breeds.

A maltipoo weighs about 8-10kg and stands tall at around 29-35 cm.

Maltipoo doesn’t have a huge or exciting history like most other dog breeds; they were bred to be small companion dogs for people who are allergic to dogs.

They are gentle, caring and fun loving dogs so they get along well with everyone so they are terrible at guarding your house.

They are very active so they need their regular exercise and playtime so that they don’t develop some behavioural issues like constant barking etc.

Since they are small dog breeds they have long lifespan compared to larger breeds but due to constant cross breeding their some dog breeds may have developed some health issues that might affect their lifespan.

What colors do Maltipoos come in?

According to Welovedoodles, White, cream, and apricot are the most popular Maltipoo are the most popular and common colors.

The uncommon colors are phantom, black, grey, and brown. The color of a Malitpoo doesn’t determine their temperament.

Difference between Maltipoo and Maltese

A lot of people get confused differentiating these two breeds because of their similar appearance and that’s because maltipoo is actually related to Maltese.

As mentioned earlier maltipoo is a mix between Maltese and Poodle Dog.

The height of the dog differs depending on whether the poodle parent was a toy or a miniature.

If it was a toy poodle then it’s height would be a little taller than an average Maltese.

Both of them are non-shedding dogs and are perfect for people who are sensitive to dog hair.

Things You Should Know About a Maltipoo 

The following are the things you should know before you get a Maltipoo:

  1. High Maintenance Hair: Although Maltipoo is a non-shedding dog. Its hair still needs a lot of work compared to other breeds. You need to regularly brush its hair. You may need to visit the groomer regularly since it’s hair keeps on getting longer.
  2. Easy to get stepped on: Smaller dogs are prone to get stepped on easily and Maltipoo is one of them. It’s easy for you to step over it’s paw and trip over him which could result in injury.
  3. Separation Anxiety: They are said to have separation anxiety. It is an incredibly social breed and they don’t like being  left alone at home. It can be improved over time but it is still a burden for someone who travels often and has a busy work schedule.
  4. Can’t tolerate extreme weather: Maltipoo is a house dog and it can’t tolerate extreme temperature (Hot & Cold). So make sure that you live in a place where there is a moderate temperature.
  5. Small Dog Syndrome: They are prone to have small dog syndrome which means they misbehave around other dogs and it could get really frustrating if you don’t fix this issue earlier. This behavior can be fixed through proper training.

FAQ’s About Maltipoo

Is Maltipoo available in India?

Yes, but it would be very difficult to find a reputable breeder in India who has a good knowledge about Maltipoo. You most likely have to import it from somewhere.

What is the average cost of a Maltipoo?

It is a very expensive breed because the breeding of this dog is very low in India. The price of a Maltipoo in India may range from 60,000 to over 1,50,000 or even above.

Why do Maltipoo Stink ?

Skin diseases and poor diet may lead your Maltipoo to stink. Maltipoos are prone conditions so make sure you properly groom them.

Do maltipoos bark a lot ?

Maltipoos are notorious for barking a lot, one may develop this behaviour due to discomfort, lack of socialization or exercise.

Are Maltipoos easy to potty train?

Maltipoos can be potty trained just like any other dogs, take your dog out everyday for potty, reward them with treats they will slowly learn to do outside.

Are Maltipoos aggressive?

Maltipoos are generally not aggressive; they are gentle, kind and loving breeds but due to improper caring it may develop some aggressive tendencies.

Why are Maltipoo puppies so expensive?

Maltipoos are teacup breeds and they are expensive since they are cross breed for specific kinds of customers. Age, place, breeder reputation are some of the other major reasons.

How often should you bathe a Maltipoo puppy?

You should bathe your maltipoo every once every 3rd week to remove the dirt that they may have accumulated. You should bathe them daily since that can harm their skin and cause them skin allergies.

What can I feed my Maltipoo?

You can feed anything that is rich that is rich in protein like chicken, eggs or pork. If you are looking for packaged food there is a detailed article about the best dog food in India on this website that will help you choose the best brand for your dog.

Can Maltipoo drink milk?

Most dogs can drink milk but some dogs may be allergic to it you should also consider that.

How big do Maltipoos get?

These dog’s average height and weight range from 20 to 35 centimeter and 2 to 9 kilograms, respectively.

Do Maltipoos shed a lot?

The best thing about Maltipoos is that they don’t shed and they are hypoallergenic so if you are someone who is allergic to dogs you should have no problem with this breed. But that doesn’t mean this dog doesn’t require grooming.

What is the temperament of a Maltipoo?

It is an active, loyal and very loving dog breed which is perfect for a family.

Are Maltipoos hypoallergenic ?

Yes, they are hypoallergenic means you don’t have to worry about getting an allergic reaction.

How does Maltipoos hair look ?

It’s hair can be either wavy like a Maltese or curly like a Poodle or a mixture of both which depends on the parents of the dog.

Is Maltipoo a family Dog ?

The Maltipoo is a great family dog and is  incredibly affectionate with the family members including children.

Can Maltipoo be left alone at home ?

No, they have separation anxiety and don’t like being left alone.

It is a companion dog and always wants to be loved and around with people.

How intelligent are Maltipoos ?

They are intelligent dogs and can learn things pretty quickly.

You won’t have any hard time potty training your puppy.

Is It Bad to Buy a Maltipoo In India?

Matlipoo could be a wrong choice depending on the place you are in and the temperature it has.

India has harsh climates which cannot be suitable for Maltipoos and they are also prone to get injured easily so if you don’t have easy access to VET things could get really bad.

One you should consider all of these things before they get one for themselves.

Maltipoo is a cross breed dog which is not considered as a natural breed and when these breeds are further cross bred they lose their quality and hence become prone to health conditions.


We have cleared almost everything about the Malitpoo and its price In India. 

Now the question is, if this is the right choice for you ?

As it is mentioned that Maltipoo is an expensive breed so unless you are ready to spend a fortune. You shouldn’t choose this breed

It’s better to choose other breeds which are cheaper, like Indian Dog Breeds

Also this dog craves attention and doesn’t like to be ignored or be alone so if you are someone you goes to work everyday it would be really fraustating you for you.

As much costly the dog is their monthly expense is little less since they are very small and doesn’t need as much food as the bigger dogs.

This dog is a great choice for the people who are sensitive to dog hair but they want to get a dog.

If you have any question regarding this breed then comment down below I will try to answer as much as we can.

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