Labrador Dog Price In India (2024) : How Much Does This Dog Cost ?

If you ask someone who is planning to own a pet dog, their first choice would be a Labrador in most of the cases.

It is not wrong to say that Labrador is one the most popular dog breeds in India, and all over the world.

According to American Kennel Club, Labrador Retriever ranks 1 for the most popular dog in the world.

Labrador is a cute, playful, calm and the friendliest dog you can come across and that’s why this dog is most loved by the people not just in India but, all over the world.

In this article we will look into how much it would cost to get a Labrador Retriever in India, as well as other expenses like dog food, training, vet cost etc.

Labrador Dog Price In India (2023)

The cost of a Labrador dog in India varies from place to place, if you live in metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai etc it may cost higher than other places in India.

A Labrador dog in India costs between ₹5,000-₹45,000 if you get it from a reliable and reputable breeder.

Labrador Dog Price In Delhi

In Delhi, a Labrador retriever puppy costs between ₹9,000-₹30,000 according to the breeders.

Labrador Price In Kolkata

The price of a Labrador puppy in Kolkata is between ₹8,000-₹20,000 depending on the quality of the puppy and how reputable the breeder is.

Labrador Dog Price In Pune

Labrador Puppy Price In Pune starts from ₹8,000 can go up to ₹30,000 if the quality is really good.

Labrador Puppy Price In Mumbai

The Labrador Dog Price In Mumbai ranges from ₹8,000-₹30,000 according to the breeders of Maharashtra.

Labrador Dog Price In Kerala

The cost of a Labrador dog in Kerala is between ₹8,000-₹25,000 and the show quality breeds may cost even higher.

Labrador Dog Price In Bangalore

The Labrador Retriever Puppies Price in Bangalore is between ₹9,000-₹20,000, if you go with a reputable breeder.

Labrador Dog Price In Tamilnadu

The Labrador price in Tamilnadu costs anywhere from ₹7,000-₹20,000. The prices can be negotiated if the breeders are willing to.

Labrador Puppy Price In Hyderabad

In Hyderabad, the cost of Labrador starts from ₹8,000-₹20,000 and some of them can even cost more based on the quality, availability of the breed.

Labrador Puppy Price In Punjab

The price of a Labrador dog in Punjab starts from ₹8,000-₹25,000 according to the breeders in the dog shows.

Labrador Dog Price In Different States of India 

Place Price (₹)
Andhra Pradesh (Amaravati) ₹5,000-₹12,000
Arunachal Pradesh (Itanagar) ₹4,000-₹18,000
Assam (Dispur) ₹5,000-₹14,000
Bihar (Patna) ₹3,000-₹7,000
Chhattisgarh (Raipur) ₹6,000-₹10,000
Goa (Panaji) ₹4,000-₹12,000
Gujarat (Gandhinagar) ₹5,000-₹15,000
Haryana (Chandigarh) ₹4,000-₹18,000
Himachal Pradesh (Shimla) ₹4,000-₹7,000
Jharkhand (Ranchi) ₹3,000-₹10,000
Karnataka (Bangalore) ₹9,000-₹25,000
Kerala (Thiruvananthapuram) ₹8,000-₹25,000
Madhya Pradesh (Bhopal) ₹5,000-₹15,000
Maharashtra (Mumbai) ₹8,000-₹30,000
Manipur (Imphal) ₹5,000-₹8,000
Meghalaya (Shillong) ₹4,000-₹7,000
Mizoram (Aizawl) ₹4,000-₹9,000
Nagaland (Kohima) ₹5,000-₹8,000
Odisha (Bhubaneshwar) ₹7,000-₹10,000
Punjab (Chandigarh) ₹9,000-₹25,000
Rajasthan (Jaipur) ₹5,000-₹8,000
Sikkim (Gangtok) ₹5,000-₹8,000
Tamil Nadu (Chennai) ₹7,000-₹20,000
Telangana (Hyderabad) ₹8,000-₹20,000
Tripura (Agartala) ₹6,000-₹15,000
Uttarakhand (Dehradun) ₹5,000-₹7,000
Uttar Pradesh (Lucknow) ₹7,000-₹20,000
West Bengal (Kolkata) ₹7,000-₹20,000

Factors that affect the price of a Labrador In India

There are many factors that influences and decides the price of a Labrador and those are as follows:

Place: If you are from metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai etc. The cost will be higher compared to non-metro cities.

Age: The older dogs cost much less than puppies since there is a high demand for puppies.

Gender: Female puppies generally cost less compared to male ones since males dogs are considered better as guard dogs.

Health: A healthy puppy which is properly vaccinated with no health issues will be expensive compared to the one which is not vaccinated yet.

Type of Breeder/Shop: Every breeder/shop has different prices for dogs. The more popular and reputed the shop is, the higher the price will be.

Purity: The purity of the breed significantly defines the price of the dog. Purer the breed is, the costlier it will be.

Maintenance cost of a Labrador Dog In India

The expenses don’t end with just getting a puppy, maintaining them also costs a good amount of money.

The different kinds of expenses for maintaining a Labrador are as follows:

Vaccination Cost/Price

Some breeders already vaccinate the puppy before selling them to the customers. But if the puppy is not vaccinated then, you should get it vaccinated as soon as possible. In India a vaccination cost could be around ₹800-₹2,000 for a single dose.

Dog Food Cost In India

Food expense is the most recurring expense when you have a dog.

The expenses totally depend on the type of brand you choose and prefer.

There are many low budget dog foods out there that are as cheap as ₹600, but these low budget foods have high chances of harming your dog’s health in the long run because the ingredients that are included in these are generally inferior in quality like soya, by-products etc.

If you choose a high-quality one it will cost you upto ₹7,000 or even more but they will be worth the price.

The expense also depends on the type of food your dog likes to eat. You can buy the best quality dog food with rich ingredients and your dog may still reject it.

So, you may have to test different types of food every month before you find the perfect one.

So it may cost around ₹4,000-₹7,000.

Dog Accessories Cost

You must need some accessories before you decide to get a pet so that you can provide a good atmosphere for your dog

  • Leash
  • Dog Bed
  • Toys
  • Dog Food Bowl
  • Brush
  • Dog Nail Cutter
  • Dog Shampoo
  • Dog Cage
  • Dog Treats
  • Dettol

All the essential accessories will cost you around ₹4,000-₹7,000.

Veterinarian Cost In India

Dogs also get sick and get injured so there will be a good amount of vet visits and expenses and as your pet ages the expenses and visits go up significantly.

A VET consultation fee will cost about ₹500-₹1000. In case hospitalization it may cost ₹2,000-₹3,000 per day.

Operations and other procedures could range anywhere between ₹20,000-₹50,000.

It’s always better if you get pet insurance for your dog beforehand if you think you won’t be able to bear the expenses.

Bajaj Allianz offers pet insurance that will cover the financial expense in case of an accident, illness and hospitalization.

Training Cost In India 

It is really important to train your dog from a pretty young age so that it doesn’t act out and create nuisance.

Teaching basic commands to a Labrador such as sit, stand and roll is quite easy but Potty training on the other hand is quite complex for a novice pet owner and you need to spend a significant amount of time with your puppy so that it learns it perfectly.

But if you are someone who doesn’t have much time then you can always hire a professional dog trainer to do the task.

A professional dog trainer in India can charge you ₹1,000-₹1,500 per session for basic obedience for potty training. It may cost more.

Grooming Cost In India

Although, labrador is a short haired breed it still needs regular grooming so that it looks clean and fresh.

Labradors are a really simple breed to groom at home but if you still need some assistance then you can always go to professional groomers.

A groomer in India will charge you ₹700-₹1,000 per session.

Labrador Maintenance Cost in India [Total Annual Cost]

Vaccination Cost/Price ₹800-₹2,000
Dog Food Cost ₹7,000
Dog Accessories Cost ₹4,000-₹7,000
Veterinarian Cost A VET consultation fee is ₹500-₹1000. In case hospitalization ₹2,000-₹3,000 per day.
Training Cost ₹1,000-₹1,500
Grooming Cost ₹700-₹1,000
Total Cost ₹8,000-₹15,000
Total Annual Cost ₹70,000-₹1,00,000

Labrador Dog Features

Height 57-62 cm males and 55-56 cm females
Weight 30-36 kg for males and 25-30 kg for females.
Lifespan 12-16 years
Labrador Puppy Price ₹7000 – ₹20,000
Color Yellow, Brown and Black
Temperament Friendly, Loyal, Playful
Origin Newfoundland
Coat Type Double
Hypoallergenic No
Popularity in India Very High
Maintenance Level Average
Common Health Issue Hip Dysplasia, Obesity
Litter Size 5-10

Labrador Retriever is a large size dog breed and as the name suggests this dog was used to retrieve small animals and birds for hunters.

They have the most outgoing and friendly temperament and that’s it is one most preferred dog breeds in the world.

Labradors come in three colors: Whitish Yellow (most common one), Brown and Black

A labrador stands at 57-62 cm for males and 55-56 cm for females, and the weight is 30-36 kg for males and 25-30 kg for females.

The life span of this breed is 10-12 years, if it’s healthy then it can live upto even 20 years in some cases.

Things You Should Know before purchasing a Labrador Dog In India

It’s not a guard dog: If you are getting a Labrador thinking that it will protect the house from the intruders then you will be making a terrible mistake.

Labradors are way too friendly and their barks are too soft to scare anyone away.

If you are looking for a guard dog then you should rather go for a German Shepherd or a Rottweiler.

Biting: This is not only with Labrador and every dog breed. When the puppy starts to grow teeth it feels the urge to bite/chew everything it sees. This may get annoying at times as a pet parent so it is better you make the house puppy proof and make sure you keep teaching the dog not to bite hard.

They Adore water: The labs absolutely love playing in the water and rain, so make sure you buy a small tub or pool for your Labrador retriever so that it can enjoy.

Obesity: Labradors are prone to become obese so it is really important to take them out for walks and runs regularly.

Socializing: Socializing is very crucial for Labradors. You should let them meet with other puppies and dogs. They like playing with new people and pets.

FAQ’s About Labrador

Are Labradors aggressive ?

Absolutely not, Labradors are the most laid back and friendliest dog breeds ever. That’s why they make a great family pet.

Can Labradors be left alone at home ?

You can leave your Labrador at home alone but not for more than 3-4 hours. They do have separation anxiety so make sure you come back quickly or have someone at home to take care of the dog before you leave.

Do labrador shed a lot ?

Yes, Labradors do shed a lot of hair. You will find it’s hair everywhere in the house, in carpets, sofas, TV, Bathroom and even in your food and you might accidentally eat it without even realizing it.

The amount shedding can be lessened by regularly brushing the Labrador every other day.

What should Labradors not eat ?

Chocolate is the BIG no when it comes to feeding things to dogs. The chocolate is actually poisonous to dogs.

Other than chocolates there are Onions, Garlic, Grapes etc.

Is peanut butter safe for Labrador to eat ?

Yes. Peanut butter is absolutely safe for your labrador to eat.

Are Labs good indoor dogs?

Labradors are great indoor dogs and do really great in the closed apartment. That’s why this breed is one of the most preferred ones of people.

Are Labradors easy to train ?

Yes, they are quite easy to train and quickly learn to obey commands within a few weeks of training.

Do Labradors like to cuddle ?

Yes, they love to cuddle with people as they crave attention a lot. So cuddling with your lab will help give them the much-needed attention and love they want.

Are Labradors high maintenance?

Labradors are high maintenance in terms of how much the love and attention it needs emotionally.

They need regular walks outside because they are prone to obesity, apart from this they are not really high maintenance.

How many colors do Labradors come in ?

Labradors come in three colors. Whitish yellow, Chocolate brown, Black. Whitish yellow is the most common color.

Is a Labrador good for first time owners ?

Labrador is a great choice for first time owners as they have the most calm, gentle and friendly temperament which makes them very easy to train and maintain.

Is it better to get a male Labrador or a female Labrador ?

Male labradors tend to be more protective than the females ones and also male labradors are more active and friendly.

Do Labradors bark a lot ?

Labradors don’t usually bark a lot but lack of socialization, affection and exercise may change their temperament and they may bark more than a normal dog.

Is Lab a family dog ?

Labrador is a perfect family dog that will go along with anyone in the family and will also do well around children in the house.

What is a healthy weight for a Labrador?

A healthy weight for a Labrador should be 28-35kgs for male and 25-30kgs for female

Is Labrador hypoallergenic ?

No, labradors are not hypoallergenic and since they shed a lot it is not a great choice for someone who is allergic to dog’s hair.

How often should you bathe a Labrador retriever?

You should bathe your labrador only when it is necessary. Bathing your labrador once every month is enough.

Don’t ever make the mistake of bathing them everyday. It will dry out their skin and cause itching and flaking and harm their skin in the long run.

What is the best dog food for a Labrador ?

The best dog food is the one that has all kinds of essential nutrients that the dog needs (protein, zinc, etc.)

Most cheap dog foods come with low quality ingredients that will harm the dog’s health in the long run.

There is a detailed article written about the best dog food in India on this website.


So should you get a Labrador Retriever ? The answer is absolutely YES.

Labrador is a great choice for anyone as they are the best family pet ever and also they are very affordable.

Most of the time they don’t cause any trouble and they obey commands quickly which makes it easier for first-time dog owners.

As a dog parent you do have to spend a significant amount of time with your dog and take your dog out to exercise and socialize with other humans and dogs.

Don’t leave the dog all alone in the house for long.

Even if you do, make sure you give your dog something to eat or play with so that it can pass some time when you are out.

Make sure to get a dog from a trusted breeder only.

If you have any questions regarding Labrador Retrievers please make sure to comment down below.

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