Best Dog Food In India (2024) – Ultimate Buying Guide & Review

For any Indian pet owners, getting the best dog food in India can be one of the most difficult tasks.

It is a responsibility of every dog owner to take care of your dog as your own baby.

You have to make sure you are giving your pet the proper food and the right kind of nutrition.

You have to maintain proper diet for your dog.

So that they always maintain a good energy level and don’t get sick.

The puppies require different levels of nutrition than the older dogs, and they grow fastest during their first 6 months.

So, the right nutrition is important to support their rapid growth.

Moreover, foreign breeds are the most popular dog breeds in India, and they need much care in case of food items compared to native dog breeds.

Hence, you can’t take the risk of giving the wrong kind of food to your dog.

That’s why in this article I’m going to list out some of the best dog food in India that you can buy online.

I would highly recommend you to read the Dog Food Buying Guide first if you are new pet owner, which is below this list. You can use the navigation below to easily jump to the topic you want.

Best Dog Foods In India [With Pros & Cons]

1. Royal Canin

It is one of the most popular dog foods in India and also one of the most recommended for puppies.

Royal Canin has all the necessary ingredients that a puppy needs for its growth.

It has the best combination of good vitamins and proteins that will ensure the digestive security of the pup.

And make sure to read the back of the package, which mentions the food diet for the puppies according to their age.

If you have the budget this could be one of the best foods for your dog.

Royal Cannin Puppy Food comes in 3 different packages

  • Mini (Starter): Mini is for starters under 60 days of their age.
  • Maxi (Junior): Maxi is for those above 3 months of their age.
  • Gaint (Puppy): Gaint recommended for puppies in 3-15 months of their age.


  • Liked by most puppies
  • Rich In Nutrition


  • Little Expensive

2. Taste Of The Wild Grain Free

The Taste of The Wild Grain Free dog food contains roasted bison and real meat.

It has protein which helps a pet in building and maintaining its muscles and staying healthy.

The fruits and vegetable in this food has all the vitamins and minerals that is necessary for a healthy coat and skin of the dog.

The ingredients in this food come from the most genuine and reputable sources from all over the world so you don’t have to worry about the quality of the food.

The best thing about this dog food is that there is no grain corn or fillers used

There is also no added flavours and colours so it is perfectly safe for your dog.

Some Other Features of The Taste of The Wild Grain Free

  • Amino acid Profile : The aminoacid profile is filled with rich nutrition which will help in maintaining the energy level of your dog.
  • Probiotics : This food contains probiotics which is good for the digestive system of your dog.


  • Contains fatty acids (Omega 3)
  • Grain Free
  • No compromisation on the quailty of ingredients
  • Good Taste


  • May not be suitable for some puppies

3. Orijen

This dog food is designed according to the natural diet of the dog based on its wild ancestry.

Orijen dog foods are rich in meat and proteins.

It contains 38% crude protein by volume.

It also has grain free carbohydrates like fruits and vegetables which is helpful in easy digestion.

Orijen dog food is made with 100% fresh meat ingredients and no additional fillers are added.

Orijien Dog Food is suitable for ever dog breed, size and age.


  • Rich In Meat Protein
  • 0% Grain or Plant Protein


  • Way too Expensive

4. Drools Focus

Drools Focus is prepared with great natural ingredients to help the pet to live a long and healthy life.

The food comes in 3 ranges: Starter, Puppies and Adult.

This food contains more than 45% of real chicken and no by-products.

This dog food doesn’t contain corn, wheat or soy as fillers, and no added colours and flavours.

The premium range of this food is divided under 2 specifics:

  • Size Specific: In size specific, the food preparation is according to the size of your dog breed (Small, Medium and Large).
  • Breed Specific: The food production is according to the breed of your dog (Pugs, Golden Retriever, Rottweiler and German Shepherd)

Note: If you have different breed than the ones mentioned above then you can go with size specific.


  • No by-products of meat or chicken
  • Ensures dental & digestive health of dogs
  • Strengthens Bones and Muscles
  • Improves Imunity


  • The smell of this dog food is quite strong
  • No measuring cup is included

5. Goodness

Goodness is a UK brand, but it is also available in India.

It is made only with fresh meat, vegetables and fruit, and is totally grain free.

There is also no added flavours, colours and preservatives.

So, you don’t have to worry about your dog getting food allergies and frequent vet visits.

This food includes 50% salmon and trouts which aids in healthy skin and coat of your pet.

It also contains omega-3 which improves immunity and makes your pet healthy and stronger.


  • Loved my most dogs
  • Contains Omega-3
  • Quality Ingredients
  • Easily digestible


  • Has a strong smell
  • Little expensive

6. Acana Heritage Free Run Poultry Dry Dog Food

Acana is a Canada based dog food company which has now expanded over 60+ countries.

The complete grain free formula helps in easy digestion

This food contains eggs, chicken and tom turkey which makes this food high in protein and also helps in boosting their energy level.

This food is suitable for dog of breeds and ages.


  • Grain Free
  • Helps in easy digestion
  • Rich in Protein


  • Highly Expensive
  • Might not be suitable for some dogs

7. Arden Grange

Arden Grange is dog food company which has been producing premium dog foods since 1996.

This Dog food includes tasty fresh chicken which has been developed to meet the nutritional requirements of the dog’s healthy growth and development.

It contains only fresh ingredients and helps in maintaining proper weight and health.

This is little expensive so if you have the budget you can go for it.


  • Contains fresh ingredients
  • Rich in Nutrition


  • Expensive
  • Doesn’t support sudden change in diet.

8. Hill’s Science Diet

Hill’s Science Diet is a great dog food recommended for dogs up to 1-year-old.

This food has high quality, fresh and easy to digest ingredients plus vitamins and minerals

And has no added flavours and preservative to support healthy life.

It contains Vitamin C and D that ensure great immune system for dogs

This food is suitable for all dog breeds.


  • Contains Aminoacids
  • No Artifical Colours
  • Made in the USA with imported ingredients
  • Affordable for a middle class owner


  • Various kinds of products which might confuse a dog owner to go for a particular one
  • Contains some grain products

9. Purina Pro Plan Focus

Purina Pro Plan Focus is made with nutrition rich and high-grade protein containing real chicken.

To help support joint help they have added omega 3 acid and glucosamine in this food.

This premium dog food is designed in such a way that it is easily digestible and also helps in maintaining proper weight and health condition.

The vet from all over the world approve Purina Pro Plan Focus.


  • Has a great taste
  • Improves Skin


  • Changed Formula

10. Farmina N&D Grain Free Pumpkin Lamb and Blueberry

It is a grain free food which includes 60% of animal material, and 40 % pumpkin and other fine nutritional elements.

Pumpkin is a commonly used food in Italy which has great nutritional benefits.

This food is specially designed considering the carnivorous nature of the dog.

It is one the cheapest grain free food out there.


  • Good Packaging
  • Grain Free Components
  • Most Dogs Like The Taste
  • Contains other nutritional elements other than meat products


  • Complaints of having stomach issues when changed from the previous diet

11. Dogsee Chew Bar

It is a dog treat handcrafted in the Himalayas with 100% pure Yak and Cow cheese.

This dental treat is highly rich in calcium and protein.

It lasts very long and also helps in cleaning your dog’s teeth and improve the smell of their breath.

This dog treat is totally made with natural ingredients and is totally vegetarian and gluten and grain free.

Many dogs have seemed to like this product, so it might be a good pick for you if you looking for a treat for your dog.


  • Extremely Affordable
  • Made with Fresh Yak Cheese
  • Lasts Long
  • Has great Nutritional Value
  • Loved by Most Dogs
  • Keeps them busy


  • Might not be suitable for puppies

Dog Food Buying Guide (Must Read)

1. Types of Dog Food In India

There are generally 7 types of dog food

  • Dry Food
  • Wet Food
  • Prescription Food
  • Human Grade Food
  • Dehydrated Food
  • Freeze-Dry Food
  • Fresh and Frozen Food
  1. Dry Food: Also known as kibbles in the US, are the most common dog food and also the most recommended by vets. They have less moisture in volume and look like biscuits, and comes in different bag sizes like the ones I mentioned in this article. They are more crunchy. Although there are some meat products included you won’t see pieces of meat in packages because they are well smashed and mixed with other ingredients like fruits and vegetables.
  2. Wet Food: The wet foods contain 70-80% water mixed with dry food ingredients, so they are almost as same as dry food but with more water. Wet foods are best for starters who can’t chew hard food and dogs that have chewing issues due to dental problems and illness.
  3. Prescription Food: These are different from normal commercial foods and are only sold to those customers who have the required prescription from the vet. These food are given to pets to cure certain illness like obesity, dental issues. To know more about prescription food you can read an article by Dog Food Insider here.
  4. Human Grade Food: Human Grade Food simply means that the components used in dog food are suitable for human consumption. There are 2 things to consider before labelling the food as human grade. First, the ingredients should be human grade. Second, the food should be produced in a human food manufacturing facility. If either of conditions isn’t satisfied then you can’t call that particular food as human grade.
  5. Dehydrated Food: Dehydrated food is kind of like dry food but the process of making is different. Dehydrated food is produced by removing the moisture from the ingredients instead of cooking them. The plus point of this type of food is that there is no need for preservatives.
  6. Freeze Dry Food: Freeze Dry Food is made from freshly cooked food with almost all the moisture removed through a unique process. It might sound similar to Dehydrated Food but the process is different. In freeze dry food the food is first dried and then removed. They also don’t require preservatives.
  7. Fresh and Frozen Food: This type of dog food are generally very expensive. The quality of the ingredients used in this food is very premium and they make sure the original nutritional integrity of raw materials remain intact while processing. And, freezing of food neglects the need for preservatives.

2. How To Buy A Dog Food

These are the followings things that you should check before buying a dog food

  • Check If the Package Doesn’t have Any Hole: If you find a package with a hole in it then you must return that product because the hole will let the oxygen in and it will further create fungi and damage the food. So, it advisable to check the package properly before you buy one.
  • Check The First Five Ingredients: The ingredients in dog food packages are generally listed in descending order based on their quantity in overall food, so the first five ingredients will be high in volume. If you find low-quality fillers like corn, soy and by-products in the first five ingredients, you should probably avoid that food.
  • Check If The Food has Omega 3: Having Omega 3 in the food isn’t mandatory but it will be a plus point because Omega 3 helps in immunity and maintains the quality of the coat.
  • Expiration Date: It is because different brands have a different expiration date so it is important to change the expiration date.
  • Check Calories: Some dog breeds are prone to obesity like Labrador Retriever, so you should check calories before buying.


I hope I helped you in providing the information about the best dog food in India

Hopefully by now you can choose which is the best food for your dog

If you like this article then share this with your other friends who are also confused about choosing food for their dog.

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