Indian Spitz Price In India (2024): How Much The Puppy Costs ?

Indian Spitz is one of those Indian breeds which is actually popular among Indian pet lovers.

Indian Spitz is one of those Indian breeds which is actually popular among Indian pet lovers.

Mainly because of its resemblance to Pomeranian and Samoyed

In fact people mistake this breed as Pomeranians.

But did you know Indian Spitzs are not exactly native to India and they were actually mixed with foreign Spitz type dogs during British Raj ?

In this article we will look into how popular Indian Spitz is and what its price is.

Indian Spitz Price In India (2023)

Indian Spitz is one of the cheapest dog breeds in India.

The price of an Indian Spitz in India would range between ₹5,000-₹15,000 depending on various factors.

The reason why this dog is so cheap is because this dog is bred in India.

You can easily get this dog in any pet shops or breeders that sell dogs/puppies.

Indian Spitz Price In Delhi

Delhi is a metro city so on average an Indian Spitz can cost you above ₹7,000 if it is a healthy puppy.

The price of Indian Spitz in different cities In India 

Place Price
Andhra Pradesh (Amaravati) ₹5,000-₹8,000
Arunachal Pradesh (Itanagar) ₹4,000-₹8,000
Assam (Dispur) ₹4,000-₹6,000
Bihar (Patna) ₹3,000-₹8,000
Chhattisgarh (Raipur) ₹5,000-₹7,000
Goa (Panaji) ₹4,000-₹8,000
Gujarat (Gandhinagar) ₹5,000-₹8,000
Haryana (Chandigarh) ₹4,000-₹8,000
Himachal Pradesh (Shimla) ₹4,000-₹8,000
Jharkhand (Ranchi) ₹3,000-₹8,000
Karnataka (Bangalore) ₹5,000-₹7,000
Kerala (Thiruvananthapuram) ₹5,000-₹8,000
Madhya Pradesh (Bhopal) ₹4,000-₹8,000
Maharashtra (Mumbai) ₹5,000-₹9,000
Manipur (Imphal) ₹4,000-₹7,000
Meghalaya (Shillong) ₹6,000-₹8,000
Mizoram (Aizawl) ₹4,000-₹8,000
Nagaland (Kohima) ₹3,000-₹8,000
Odisha (Bhubaneshwar) ₹4,000-₹6,000
Punjab (Chandigarh) ₹4,000-₹8,000
Rajasthan (Jaipur) ₹4,000-₹8,000
Sikkim (Gangtok) ₹3,000-₹6,000
Tamil Nadu (Chennai) ₹4,000-₹8,000
Telangana (Hyderabad) ₹3,000-₹8,000
Tripura (Agartala) ₹4,000-₹5,000
Uttarakhand (Dehradun) ₹6,000-₹7,000
Uttar Pradesh (Lucknow) ₹3,000-₹8,000
West Bengal (Kolkata) ₹5,000-₹8,000

Things that may affect the price of an Indian Spitz In India.

The price of a dog doesn’t stay same every time and there are many factors that influence the price of a puppy/dog and those are as follows:

Age: How old a particular puppy is has a direct influence on the price. Most people prefer to purchase younger puppies.

So as the puppy grows older the price also decreases.

Gender: Gender is another factor that influences the price of a puppy. The male is always a few bucks expensive than female since the demand for male puppies are higher

Place: The metro cities are always expensive and it is no different in case of puppies

Purity: A pure Indian Spitz will be expensive compared to the one which isn’t.

Health: How healthy a puppy is also determines the price of a dog/puppy. If the dog is properly vaccinated and given proper food it will add up to the final price of a puppy.

Shop: The type of shops you buy a puppy from definitely has a huge impact on price as well as the health/quality of the breed.

There are three types of shop where you can buy a puppy from and those are:

  • Breeders: Highly reputed breeders who know what they are doing will provide you with a highly quality puppy and it will be worth the price you will pay.
  • Pet Shop: Pet Shop also sometimes deal with puppy selling business. The price of puppies here are average and so will be the quality. But if you are lucky you may fetch a good quality puppy.
  • Puppy Mills: They have the cheapest price of all of the above but you will most probably end up getting a very unhealthy puppy because of the horrible conditions the puppies have been put in.

Features Of An Indian Spitz 

Height 22-25 cm
Weight 5-7 kg
Lifespan 12-16 years
Indian Spitz Puppy Price ₹3,000-₹15,000
Color White, Brown and Black
Temperament Friendly, Loyal and Active
Origin India
Coat Type Double
Hypoallergenic No
Popularity in India Medium to High
Maintenance Level Average
Common Health Issue Hip Dysplasia
Litter Size 2-6

Indian Spitz dogs used to be very popular in India in the 80’s.

Every other household had this dog as a pet but slowly the popularity of this breed has declined a bit now that the import of dogs has become easier than it used to be.

There are two types of Indian Spitz: The smaller Indian Spitz and The Greater Indian Spitz

The Smaller Indian Spitz weighs around 5–7 kg and stands at 22–25 cm whereas The Greater Indian Spitz weighs 12–20 kg and is around 35–45 cm tall.

This dog usually comes in Milky White color but they also come in Light Brown and in a mixture of both Light brown & white.

Greater Indian Spitz Price In India

A greater Indian Spitz may cost you between ₹8,000-₹15,000.

In most cases the Greater Indian Spitz will cost you almost the same as the regular one.

Breeders that sell Indian Spitz In India At Cheaper Price

Note: Please be sure of them before to decide to deal with any of the breeders mentioned below. This website will not be responsible for anything.

Breeders Website
Dogs Paradise
Dav Pet Lover’s Pet Shop
Pets Shop Khwabeeda Dreamy Pet’s
Mr n Mrs Pet
Purioppy Town

How to Check the Purity of An Indian Spitz

There are certain things that you need to look at in an Indian Spitz puppy to make sure that you are getting the real deal.

  1. Fur: First and foremost you need to check it’s fur. It should be long and feel soft like cotton.
  2. Color: A pure Indian Spitz generally comes in White. Sometimes you can also come across a different color like Brown and Black that are pretty rare to find.
  3. Dog’s Parents: One of the ways to ensure you are getting the best pure bread Indian Spitz is to check their parents.
  4. Documents: Always ask for documents that will guarantee you are getting the real deal.

FAQS about Indian Spitz

Do Indian Spitz shed a lot?

Yes, Indian Spitz do shed a lot so you need to regularly brush and groom them often. It would be better if you let the professional groomers handle this stuff if you are a new dog owner.

How much grooming costs for Indian Spitz ?

The grooming for an Indian Spitz will cost anywhere ₹700-₹4000 depending on expertise of the groomer and the reputation of the place. Dogs often get intimidated by the groomers in the initial days so always go for a professional groomer who knows how to deal with a dog.

Is Indian Spitz high maintenance?

They are high maintenance in terms of high grooming and brushing requirements since they shed a lot.

In terms of health they are quite immune to a lot of diseases and they are also compatible with Indian temperatures and dynamic climatic conditions.

What is the neutering/Spaying cost of an Indian Spitz ?

The cost of neutering or spaying an Indian Spitz may cost in the range of ₹4,000-₹8,000 depending on the clinic and the experience of the VET.

Neutering/Spaying is a necessary process if you don’t want your pet to litter puppies.

There are other benefits to neutering like protection from testicle cancer which is common among dogs.

What is the monthly dog food cost for an Indian Spitz ?

The monthly cost of the dog food depends on the type of dog food you are buying.

If you go for a high quality dog food like Taste of the Wild, Orijen etc.

Your monthly cost would be between ₹5,000-₹10,000.

If you go for a low or average quality dog food then it would between ₹2,000-₹4,000

There is a detailed article written about the best dog food in India for every budget.

Does Indian Spitz bite ?

Every dog bites when they are little and so does Indian Spitz. You should train them young to not develop a habit of biting people.

There are several videos on youtube to help you with that or you can hire a professional to do the job if you don’t have enough time.

Are Indian Spitz Aggressive ?

Indian Spitzs tend to bark a lot at strangers and suspicious people which make people term them as aggressive.

The constant barking can be corrected through training.

Is Indian Spitz and Pomeranian the same ?

No, This is the most common misconception people have regarding these two breeds. They may look similar but they are completely different dog breeds.

There are so many things that make them different from each other you can read this article from Wikipedia

Can Indian Spitz eat roti?

Any food which is rich in gluten is not good for dogs and Roti is rich in gluten. So, it is best not to give roti to Indian Spitz to eat.

You should always go for high quality dog food. There is a detailed post on the best dog food in India to help you choose the right kind of dog food.

Can Indian Spitz be left alone?

They are not the type of dog that can be left alone at home for hours. Indian Spitz is a very active, playful dog so it needs a companion.

You can train them to be alone but it may not work everytime

That’s why it’s always a good idea for someone to be at home with the dog when you are not around.

Can I shave my Indian Spitz?

Shaving a dog is never a good idea and it is the same with Indian Spitz.

Most people think shaving would protect them from heat but they are doing the opposite, shaving will actually make them vulnerable to sunlight and harm their skin.

Proper grooming is more than enough for them.

Can Indian Spitz tackle the heat ?

Indians Spitzs do well in Indian Climate since they were crossbred with Indian breeds a long time ago so they are naturally designed to withstand the dynamic weather conditions of India.

But it is always better if you have an AC at home for the puppy if the temperature goes up too high to bear.

Is Indian Spitz a good dog for small apartments?

Yes, Indian Spitz is definitely a good dog for small to medium apartments. They do pretty well in an artificial environment and don’t require much space.

But it is always a better idea to take the dog out for a walk everyday so that they are not limited to the indoor environment.

Do Indian Spitz love their owners?

Every dog loves its owner and it is no different with Indian Spitzs.

They are one of the friendliest dog breeds out there and they get along pretty well with children and other dogs given that you have socialized them properly.

Which is better Indian Spitz or Pomeranian?

Indian Spitz is better in terms of ability to tackle the Indian temperature with ease since this breed is part Indian whereas, Pomeranian is a foreign breed which is not made for Indian temperature.

Pomeranians require more nurture and care since they are toy breeds which make them more high maintenance than Indian Spitzs.

Are Indian Spitz good for first time owners?

Yes, they are definitely a good choice for first time owners. They are also easy to train. They can be stubborn at times but over time will learn to obey your commands.

The only thing that may catch the first time owners off guard is the shedding of furs,it will take some getting used to.

How do you train Indian Spitz?

You should train Indian Spitz just like any other typical dog. You should be calm and patient with the puppy, give them treats and pets when they obey you.

If you can’t do the work you can hire a professional trainer to do the job for you.

Are Indian Spitz easy to potty train?

Yes, if you go with the right kind of approach it is not that hard to potty train an Indian Spitz.

You can start training them when they are 8-12 weeks old. Moreover, Indian Spitzs like to be clean and this trait makes them even easier to train.

Can Indian Spitz live with cats ?

Indian Spitz can live with cats and any other pets if they were brought up together in the same house otherwise it may show some aggression at first towards new animals or dogs.

That’s why it is necessary to socialize them with different people and dogs from a young age.

What is the Best Food for Indian Spitz dogs?

Indian Spitzs will do just fine with normal household food but make sure to include enough protein in the food like Chicken, Eggs, Meat etc and avoid gluten rich food like roti.

Orijen, Royal Canin are some of the best dog food brands available in India which are actually free of unhealthy fillers.

Are Indian Spitz Hypoallergenic?

No, they are not hypoallergenic and since Indian Spitzs do shed frequently. They are not the right choice of dog for someone who is allergic to dog hair/fur.

Maltipoo is a dog which is actually hypoallergenic.

Is Indian Spitz a Guard Dog?

Indian Spitzs do a great job at altering the owner of unknown or suspicious people but they can’t be considered as a great guard dog because of their size.

Are Indian Spitz loyal ?

Yes, they are loyal just like any other dog and will stay by your side every step of the way.

Conclusion: Indian Spitz Price In India

The price of Indian Spitz in India is clearly very affordable compared to some of the other dog breeds.

It is the perfect choice of dog for a budget oriented middle class person living in a medium to large apartment.

The additional expenses include food, accessories and VET visits which are almost non recurring except food.

Other than money the time you invest in your pet is also very little but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take your time for the dog.

You should regularly take your pet out for a walk and let them socialize with other people and animals because this will eventually help with its temperament and become less aggressive with people.

Let me know in the comments if you have any queries regarding this breed.

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