Goat Farming in Punjab Region : Best Tips And Guide : 2024

Beetal Goat breed is Best to start Goat farming in Punjab a good revenue can generate through this classic goat breed the average sale price of Beetal is 25000.

The North region (Punjab) is the agriculture-based region of the country. The Goat Farming in Punjab can make Good money With Beetal & Barbari Goat Breed. Small ruminants play an important role in Punjab. The climate of Punjab is suitable for goat farming.

A good revenue can generate through goat farming in this area. Goat production from centuries has been an integral component of the system and a primary source of livelihood for Rural Areas in Punjab.

Goat is a good source of skin, meat, and milk. Commercial goat farming in Punjab came forward and growing day by day. The indigenous breed Beetal is suitable for both stall feeding and semi-intensive farming system. It can be rear for meat, milk, and skin.

A lot of arid and semi-arid region present in the Punjab and it is one of the beneficial things and plays a major role in the goat farming business

Goat meat often is considered to be healthier than others because goat meat is lower in fat and cholesterol, being more comparable to lean meat from chickens. The people of Punjab love to eat goat meat and goat meat products. It provides nutrition, and people feel energetic after having goat meat. 

The meat of Beetal Goat is known for one of the tastiest meat in comparison to other goat meat, and skin is also known for the best in comparison to other breeds. A lot of costly products are made by the skin of this goat. It has a huge demand for leather products in European countries.

There are so many beetal goat farm in punjab they are trading to hole india and making a very good money. if you do the sam then you can make very good income through it.

which goat breeds is Best for goat farming In Punjab?


Beetal is the indigenous Goat Breed of Punjab. This Goat Breed is one of the tallest goat breed in the world. It is one of the most expensive goats in India. Beetal is the Dual Purpose Goat Breed and it is raised for Both milk and Meat Purpose.

The Capacity to generate Milk and meat is the main characteristic of Beetal Goat. Beetal Goats are capable of giving 3 to 4 liters of milk in a day and it can easily achieve 70 to 90 kg in a year because of its height. No other Breeds of India have the Capability to achieve this weight in a short period of time.

Beetal goat plays a major role in the livestock economy of Goat farming in Punjab. This goat has long pendulous ears, white eyes and horns tilted to the back. The height of the one-year-old goat is 40 inches normally. The main coat color of this goat is Black, brown, and a mixture of Black & white. This goat breed is becoming the first choice in the festival of Eid. I know the beetal goat farm in Jalandhar and the name of goat farm is Shere Punjab goat farm they raised quality beetal goat in their farm.


the Barbari goat is a well-known goat breed in India. this goat breed is known for its productivity. This small breed of goats originated in Uttar Pradesh India. This Barbari Goat breed also can survive in any region of India.  These goats have small straight ears and flat or round horns and short hair. A white coat with brown spots is common. Adult females are 27 – 36 kg in weight and adult male weight between 35 -45 kg. This breed has been selected for milk production and is very prolific with twins and triplets being common.

Suitable Exotic breeds for Goat Farming in Punjab

  • African Boer for Meat purpose
  • Sannen (Switzerland) for Milk purpose

Beetal Goat price in Punjab region

the beetal goat may vary region to region I have purchased a matured one female in 25,000 rupees Black color. it may be less or high, i buy from ludhiana district of punjab. the goat is available at my farm and product 3 liters milk a day.

i personaly like the beetal goat breed because of their height and white color eyes. i suggest you to go with brees it is highly profitable and best goat breed of india.

How much Subsidy Can i get for goat Farming In Punjab region?

The Government of India helps to start this business to provide employment through Goat farming in Punjab. This breed has the potential to generate a good income. the Subsidy on Goat farming in Punjab is provided by NABARD (National Agriculture Bank And Rural Development). This subsidy is based on the Caste System of India. If you belong to SC/ST/BPL card than surely you can get a 33% subsidy in the bank loan from the NABARD and if you belong to OBC/General then you can get 25% Subsidy in the Bank loan from NABARD.

This subsidy helps to start this business. This subsidy can get any person from India. This is provided by the state Punjab government and the Indian Government. The Punjab Government on goat farming ids focusing mainly on the Dairy farming business.

Advantages of goat farming in Punjab

  • The very first advantage of goat farming in Punjab is the indigenous breed of Punjab i.e beetal. The meat of this goat is tastier than other breeds. The skin quality of Beetal is unique and there is a huge demand in European countries.
  • This business can start with low investment and the growing percentage of business is very high.
  • The demand for goat meat is continuously growing and didn’t see any downfall in requirement and rate in goat meat in Punjab.
  • The goat is a very good source of meat, milk, skin, and manure.
  • The goat manure has a higher value of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Manure can be used as fertilizer to fertilize the farm. It can be used in organic farming
  • Goats are small animals with friendly behavior and 100 goats can be managed easily by one person.
  •  Huge demand for live goats during the festive time Eid and Durga puja. The price of  Buck hike during this time and farmers get a very good rate this time.
  • Land condition and climatic condition suits commercial goat farming in Punjab.
  • Easy availability of green fodder and other Goat feed in Punjab.
  • Goats are more economical than sheep and cattle on free-range grazing under semi-arid conditions.
  •  The beetal goats have a high productivity rate, 5 months gestation period and generally give twins. The breed has the potential to increase the flock rapidly.
  • Punjab is an agricultural dominant state of India and Goat farming is a very important part of the rural economy and supports farmer income during the time of crop failure. The income in Goat farming is more compared to any other livestock business.
  • Goats can survive on shrubs, tree leaves, kitchen wastes and in small roughages, and Punjab is known for the backyard goat farming and fastly moving to commercial or stall feeding goat farming. Goat rearing in Punjab is possible at low cost & this is the main reason for increasing the demand for Goat farming in Punjab.

Goat farming Training in Punjab

Before starting this business or any type of business to learn about that business is quite an important thing to avoid loss. It is better to learn from others’ experiences, that’s why Training is important. The Goat farming training in Punjab provide by many institutes and farms but selecting the Good institute and Goat farm is your choice. So visit the farm as much as possible & do research about this business before getting involve in this business.

Government goat breeding farm Mattewara (Punjab)

To get the quality goat breed in Punjab, the government goat breeding farm Mattewara Ludhiana Punjab is the best option. They provide a pure high genetic goat breed and focuses mainly on Breed improvement. they also provide guidance to the new commercial goat farm.

This breeding farm is the livestock center of Punjab region and cattle, Buffalo, sheep are also available in their farm. it is run by government they rear goats by scientific methods and their goats are complete vaccinated, it is the biggest reason of healthy goat.

Goat housing According to Punjab region

The climate of Punjab experiences cool and wet tropical monsoon climate. In summer the temperature ranges from 38 to 40 degrees. This climate is good for indigenous and som nearby regions breeds of goats.

Goat housing is a key part of goat farming. Goats spend 12 to 14 hours of time in the shed or house of a goat. The goat house should be according to the orientation and climatic condition of the region. The proper comfort for the goats can maximize the profits. The farm should not be overcrowded with the number of goats. The proper space should remain according to the flock size.

The house helps during bad weather and saves from the predator attack. The goat’s house should be clean and hygienic every time. The roof protects from the rain and sidewalls protect from hot and cold wind.

In commercial goat farming, the open paddock area should be double the shed area. Open the paddock area for the walking of the goats.

Commercial goat farming in Punjab

Goat farming has become an enterprise, many young entrepreneurs came forward to do this business recently. Commercial goat farming industry is growing day by day in Punjab.

The consumption of goat meat is higher than the availability. So the state has to import goats from the other state or nearby state of the region.

Both the male and female have equal values in commercial goat farms. Beginners who want to start goat farm always purchase vaccinated and pure breed animal. The only place they can get vaccinated and pure animal is the old commercial goat farm. So breeding commercial goat farm has made its own different place and a lot of farmers in Punjab generating very good profit at another level.

Basic care and management of goat

  •  The farm should always be clean and hygiene. Clean and bacteria-free floors can rid of many diseases in the goats. The lime powder should be sprinkle in every 15 days.
  • The kids does and male should be separated from each other in the farm
  •  Proper care of pregnant goat should follow in the farm
  •  Over milk to the kids causes diarrhea to try to feed milk to the kids 3 to 4 times a day.
  •  The water pots on-farm should clean every day
  •   Give good quality food to the goats.
  •  Green and dry fodder should not be repeat. Try to give the same fodder in alternate days.
  •  The floor of the farm should not be wet.
  •  Proper care should be follow in the winter and rainy season.

Basic care of pregnant goats

  •  The goat should be fully vaccinated before pregnancy
  • The pregnant goat should away from the adult buck
  • Proper care should be follow in the last 2 months of pregnancy
  • Give enough concentrates feed in the last two month of pregnancy
  •   Avoid stressful, overcrowded, and/or unsanitary conditions.
  •  Low-level feedings of antibiotics.

Basic care of kids

  •  Colostrum management – must provide within one of birth
  • Naval management – Tincture Iodine application
  •  In the first week feed milk 10 % of the body weight in 3 times a day
  • If there is no milk present in goats use milk replacer
  • The floor of the kid’s area should be clean every time.
  •  Keep the kid with mother from birth to 2 weeks.
  • Keep the floor dry
  •  Start proper vaccination at the right time

Important Vaccine for a goat in Punjab

The proper vaccination to the goat increases the immunity and life of the goats. Goat is susceptible to some disease and proper vaccine schedules should be followed at the farm. Some diseases of Goats present not only in Punjab, but present across the country. Vaccination to the goats increases the profit of the farm.

The vaccination schedule below should follow every commercial goat farmer. It is one of the major key parts or can say Backbone of the commercial goat farming system.


It has been proven in the last three to four years that Goat farming in Punjab has the potential to make good money that’s why the number of commercial goat farms has increased. A bulk amount of green and dry fodder is available in the Punjab region, It can be done on the low cost in this state.

Goat farming is profitable in Punjab region anyone can make serious money with this business because the demand for goat meat and meat products is increasing continuously.

the Beetal goat is one of the expensive goat breed of India and used mainly to enhance the weight gain capacity to other local goat breeds. this breed has a huge demand in every region of India. I can surely say that you can make a good income if you did goat farming with Beetal goat breed.

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