Goat Farming Basics: Learn Completely From My Experience

Before entering in goat farming business learning goat farming basics is quite necessary, these principles will maters in the success of raising goats on the farm.

I have been doing goat farming from the last four and a half years, in these four years a lot of fundamentals I have learned and shared my knowledge to help others.

If you are a beginner goat farm and want to know the goat farming basics. So you have to do the goat farming business properly. then you’re at the right place.

Here in this post, I will share my experience, what I have learned, if I know these basics before then I don’t waste my time. I share these things from my own experience.

you can apply these in your venture and it will definitely boost the success of your goat farming career.

What are the goat farming basics?

Every business have their own basic principles, if you are doing the goat farming and other live stock business then first of all learn about

  • Goat housing,
  • Goat feeding,
  • Goat breeds and
  • Goat disease
  • How to care and management of goats properly

If you do these things before, then the success rate of your farming career may be double.

I don’t know the importance of these five things before entering into this business, I have done these things on my own, or in other words I can say that on the basis of human thinking.

How do I learn these Goat farming basics?

I am educated and I like to make records of all things. Whenever a senior doctor or livestock specialist comes to my farm, I have noted all their suggestions and implemented that. I also implemented the experienced goat farmer suggestion.

Day by day, I learned all the basics and now I am also learning one thing a day. I can’t say I am an expert but I can share the things I know.

You can also do the same if you want to learn, this is applicable in all the business not only in goat farming.

So let’s get start some basics of goat farming

Basics of Goat Housing: Keep these things in Mind

in the basics of goat housing, you should know before making a house for goats is that, make a goat shed with the proper space of goats you are planning for.

for example, if you are planning for 100 Goats then you have to learn about how much space is required for 100 goats and design a proper shed so you stay away from overcrowding.

Overcrowding in the house is the biggest problem the goat faces in the pen. Even the goats don’t get the proper weight gain because of overcrowding.

Like humans don’t like overcrowding the goat is the living animal they also don’t prefer over crowding in the house.

If you are looking for the proper housing design then I have the article that helps you to learn about the space requirement for 100 Goats.

After space, the orientation of sheds matters a lot, the East-west orientation shed is quite beneficial for Indian tropical conditions. The benefits of this direction shed you can see during the summers and winters.

After space, the ventilation of the shed is much important to remove all the gases from the farms.

Basics of Goat feeding: this will help your goat for better health

Feeding is one of the most important part of goat health, all your profit on the farm depends on what you are feeding to the goats.

It is the universal truth that if you want something from someone first you have to give. after you can expect from someone. Things are also applicable to livestock.

If you are Expecting milk, meat from the goats then first you have to provide them quality feed.

FarmingX Goat farm

70% of investing cost is spent on the feed of goats. You can minimize that if you have your own land by growing your own feed.

I grow my own maize, wheat and barley the remaining things like Soy Doc, grams i purchased from outside. You can do the same if you are looking for more profits in the goat farming.

Basics of Goat breeds: Front pillar of goat farming business

The goat breed is one of the front pillars of goat farming, all your profit and sales depend on the type of goats you have. If you don’t have quality goats on your farm you can’t expect the returns.

So first of all you have to raise a quality goat in your farm.

Select the breeds according to region and climate.

The Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat having not major differences in climates. If you are belonging to this region then you can raise Sirohi, Barbari, Jamunapari, Sojat goat breeds.

%The Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, also have the same climate you can raise here Barbari, Beetal, Totapari, Sirohi Etc

The West Bengal. Orissa, Bihar, Jharkhand, Assam have the same climate regions and Black Bengal and Barbari are the most suited goats for these regions.

The south region of India has the same climate. the Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Karnataka, Goa have the same climate you can raise Malabari, Osmanabadi, Tellicherry goats in these states. Exotic goats like Boer goats are also suitable in the south region of India.

Where to Buy goats for farming?

If you are a beginner then always buy a goat from the farm and the goats must be vaccinated from all five vaccines.

Try to buy goats from the nearest place, because the transportation of goats is one of the major concern for the beginning of goat farming. The Goats come in stress while transportation.

There are some goat farming techniques you have to follow while transporting goats.

The better goat breed can give you more profits.

Basic of Goat Disease: The important goat raising Techniques

The animals don’t speak, they don’t say about their pain and difficulties. You have to detect the disease from their symptoms.

This was a big task for me in the beginning but things changed when the years have passed.

At present the mortality of my farm is .1%, i do proper prevention on my farm for the upcoming disease.

I do follow proper vaccination at my farm.

The vaccination i do in farm are

  • PPR
  • HS (hemorrhagic septicemia)
  • ET (Enterotoxaemia)
  • Goat Pox
  • FMD (Foot & mouth disease)
  • TT (Tetanus)

I believe in prevention because prevention is better than cure.

How to care and management of Goats?

  • Follow all the basics we discussed above, Give them proper feeding on time
  • Feeding them green, dry, and concentrate feed.
  • Add the mineral mixture in concentrate feed
  • Grow your own green fodder.
  • Don’t keep them inside the shed all time, provide them open space for exercise
  • Once you detect the sick goat give them treatment immediately
  • Keep all the emergency medicines at your farm.
  • If you are doing stall feeding or intensively then give them Vitamin B, calcium, and liver tonic for their better health and growth.
  • Keep the shed well ventilated.
  • Keep all the goats in pen according to their age and stay away from overcrowding.

If you are looking to start a goat farming business and want some goat raising basics knowledge then you can take goat farming training from us. We provide the best goat farming training at our farm and teach you all about goat farming so you can learn all about it from our experience and achieve success in the goat farming business.

Frequently asked questions?

Q.1) How to get a loan for goat farming?

To get the loan you have to submit a Goat farming project report to the bank with your documents, the process is simple and easy. You can also take the subsidy if you get the loan.

Q.2) how much subsidy the government provides?

The subsidy on goat farming is based on the caste system of India. The SC/ST/BPL card holders get 33% subsidy and General/OBC get 25% subsidy on the bank loan.

Q.3) which is the best goat breed for goat farming in Maharashtra?

The Osmanabadi, Sojat, Sirohi are the best suitable goat breeds for goat farming in Maharashtra.


Goat farming is a profitable business in India if done in the right way with full focus. Most of the farmers take goat farming as a secondary business, you can do it secondary but you have to give them proper time and focus. First, learn all the goat farming basics and take action.

If you do it with focus then no one can restrict you to make it profitable. If you have a large land area then grow your own feed for double profit.

If you have any queries in mind regarding goat farming then feel free to ask in the comment section. You can also contact us.

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