Goat Farming in Tamilnadu Complete Information Guide

The Dualpurpose goat breed Kanni Adu is best suited for goat farming in Tamilnadu, This productive goat breed is capable to 10X your money in a short period.

There is good potential for goat farming in Tamilnadu, The weather condition of Tamilnadu is best suitable for goat farming. Tamilnadu is known as the state of agriculture and goat farming can be a profitable business in Tamilnadu.

Raising goat is part of agriculture since ancient times. this business has the potential to make good money if done in a proper way.

Generally, goat raised in Tamilnadu for the purpose of 3M. Which are Meat, Milk and Manure. These 3M is equally important for goat farmers.

Goat Meat: the good meat has huge demand in Tamilnadu or in any part of the world. Because it is one of the tastier meat compared to others or there is no religious taboo in consuming the goat meat.

You can sale live goat for meat purpose and make good revenue. The live goat, not sale only in India you can export it to other middle east countries.

Goat Milk: goat milk is best suited for those who are lactose intolerant. The fat content in it is lower as compared to cow’s milk. there number Dairy goat breeds that give enough milk to run dairy goat farming.

Goat Manure: the goat manure has high NPK value, you can make vermicompost through this manure and make very good money.

Is Goat farming Profitable in Tamilnadu?

Yes it is profitable in this state because there are 98% meat eaters are in Tamilnadu and the price of goat per kg is always tough sky. you can make a good money if you raised 100 goats in your farm.

Goat farming is always a profitable venture because rearing goat is easy compared to other livestock. Goats has the ability to survive in the minimum pastures and it require limited space to live.

if you have your own land or you grow your own green and concentrated feed then I can surely say that no one can stop you to become successful, but the challenge in front of you is that you have learned goat farming properly without having knowledge about goat farming better you learn from experience goat farmer or take goat farming training from the best goat farm because management skill plays a major role in goat farming.

How to start goat farming in Tamilnadu?

There is no rocket science in doing this business. This is a simple business with minimal investment and maximum returns. Single labor can handle 100 goats But in the beginning, you don’t have to start with 100 goats.

To learn the important aspects of goat farming you have to start with a limited goat. You can start with 25 female and 2 male goats, then after getting experience of 8 to 9 months in this business. You can add goats as much as you want.

Three things you should Keep in mind before starting the Goat farming in Tamilnadu:

  • housing of goats
  • Goat Breed
  • Feed of Goat
  • Goat Disease

Goat Housing Suitable for State

Please keep this in mind before starting this business you don’t have to overspend your valuable money in the goat shed. Spent as low as money in the Goat Housing.

Generally, goats don’t want all the facility in their house like humans, But the house of goat should be weather friendly.

Ventilation: The Goat shed should be well ventilated for the better health of the goats. The fresh air should become inside from one side and the polluted gas made in the shed should go out from another side.

Ventilation is also important for maintaining the temperature under the goat house for the cross-section of airflow.

Orientation: the orientation of the goat house plays a big role. According to Indian climate condition the East-west longitudinal side of the shed is considered best. So keep in mind the long axis of the shed should be in East-west direction.

For better know about orientation visit local farms or other goat farms in Tamilnadu.

Length and width: The goat shed should be 2 to 3 feet away from the ground. The shed should be 20 feet wide and length is as much as possible.

The better health of the goat, the house should be clean dry and hygiene all the time.

Space requirement for the goat according to age

Age Covered area
Sq meter
Up to 3 Months 0.2-0.25
3 to 6 Months 0.5-0.75
6 to 12 Months 0.75-1.0
Adult Goats 1.5
Pregnant and
lactating goats
Bucks 1.5-2.0

These covered area and open paddock are in square meter

which Goat breed is best for meat in Tamilnadu?

The selection of breed is one of the important part of goat farming. Goat can be reared by Meat purpose, Breeding purpose or for Eid Purpose. You have to select your own purpose after that you have to select the goat.

Every goat purpose is profitable on their own place

Kanni adu : Best goat breed for meat in tamilnadu

Kanni adu is the recognized goat breed of Tamilnadu. Better you start with the local goat breed of TamilNadu if you are a beginner goat farmer. You can also start with the other breeds which are reared by other goat farms in Tamilnadu.

Kanni adu mainly found in south Tamilnadu. This goat breed is mainly seen in virudhu nagar, Thoothukudi, Tirunelveli cities of Tamilnadu.

Kanni adu is dual-purpose goat breed and it is very good in the production of both milk and meat. This breed has the capability to produce one liter of milk per day after giving birth.

The Breed Kanni Adu is the best-suited Goat breed for goat farming in Tamilnadu. This breed has the capability to produce multiple kids in each gestation. 60 to 70% kanni adu goat gives birth to twins and triplets and 30% gives birth to a single kid.


No doubt Sirohi is the best goat breed of India. This breed has the capability to survive in every part of India or in the world. This is the best-suited goat breed for stall feed or commercial goat farming.

The weight gain capacity of this goat is quite good. The availability of this goat is easy. Most of the traders from India deliver this goat all over India but be aware of the fake traders.

Boer goat 

Most of the farms in Tamilnadu rearing this goat breed. Boer is one of the most expensive goat breeds. The Boer goat is originated in South Africa that’s why it is called Afrikan boer.

Boer goat is known for its quick weight gain. The male  Boer goat is the capability to achieve up to 120 kg weight

This African Boer is mostly use for crossbreeding to improve the local goat breed.

Malabari goat

The Malabari is the native goat breed of Tamilnadu. Malabari goat breed originated in Karnataka. This breed is known for multiple births in each gestation.

This is the dual-purpose goat breed use for both milk and meat. If you are doing goat farming business in Tamilnadu than Malabari goat is best goat breed for you.

Goat Feed

As a result, Goat feed is one of the important part of goat farming. The major cost spent only on goat feed. For the successful goat farming in Tamilnadu, the cost of feed spend on one goat should not be more than 10 to 12 rupees in stall fed goat farming.

For this cost, you have to grow your own green fodder in your land.

Feed 250 to 300 g concentrate feed to a single goat. If the goat is pregnant feed them an extra 100 g for better productivity and their health.

Also, provide extra feed to the breeder of your goat farm

The goat feed should be green, dry and concentrate in a single day.

Goat Disease

For successful goat farming, you have to get knowledge about goat disease. First of all, you have to follow the goat vaccination schedule. You have to vaccinate your goats for their better health.

PPR, FMD, ET, Goat Pox and HS are the major Goat diseases of Goat farming in Tamilnadu you follow the vaccination schedule every year against these diseases.

vaccination schedule

For better understanding visit some reputed goat farm near your home and ask them what vaccination schedule they follow.

Goat farming in Tamilnadu subsidy 2020

Government of India provides a subsidy to start the goat farming business in Tamilnadu. Everyone should get the benefit of it. The goat farming subsidy in Tamilnadu depends on the caste system. The schedule Tribes (S?T) and Schedule castes (SC) category get 50% subsidy and the OBC and general castes categories will get 25% subsidy on goat farming.

This subsidy is provided by NABARD (National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development). To take this subsidy you have to get a loan from any Nationalize bank. After the loan sanction, you have to inform the NABARD office near your city. They will transfer the subsidy to your bank loan account.

Economics of Goat farming in Tamilnadu

The total population of goat in India is 135 million and the Tamilnadu contribute in it is 6.02%. Therefore the population of goats in Tamilnadu is 8.14 million according to livestock census 2012.

Tamilnadu Ranks sixth in India in the goat population first is Rajasthan (21.67 goats) and second is Uttar Pradesh (15.59 goats).

The goat sector alone contributes 38590 crores Rupees annually to the Indian economy. The Tamilnadu contributes 6.02% of it which is approx 2323 crores Rupees.

Goat farming in Tamilnadu project Cost details

establish the goat farm in Tamilnadu totally depends on how many goats do you want to start with and which Breed do you want to raise in your goat farm.

For a better understanding about goat farming. In my opinion, you have to start with 25 females and 2 breeder males. After 6 months you can enhance your goat farming as much as you want.

For a better understanding of goat farming business, you check our goat farming project report of 100+5 goats on stall feeding.

This is the project report of 100+5 Sirohi goats. After reading this project report you can better understand goat farming. How much you have to invest and how you can earn in 14 months. surely I can say that goat farming in Tamilnadu can be successful there is No doubt in it.

FAQ By beginner Goat farmer of Tamilnadu

Q.1) which is best goat for goat farming?

for goat farming in Tamilnadu there local breed is best for meat purpose goat farming if you want to do breeding purpose goat farming than Boer & Beetal is best.

Q.2) what is the best feed for goat?

Goats require green, dry, and concentrate fodder so for green leguminous fodder, Moringa, Dry gram dodder, and the mixture of concentrate feed is best for a better weight gain of goats.

Q.3) Which type of shed is best for goat farming in tamilnadu?

for the high rainfall area elevated shed is best and for normal rainfall area, ground floor shed is best. the elevated shed is costlier than Ground floor shed.


The best part of this business is you can start with minimal investment. the size of the goat is small compared to other livestock. Single labor can handle the number of goats. in this business, the no animals in your farm increase than your profit will also increase. goat farming in Tamilnadu has very good Potential.

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