Goat Vs lamb meat: Which is best?


There is a big battle between goat Vs lamb meat, both look the same but there is a pole apart difference between them.

I have to clear before,

LambLess than one-year sheep
Mutton More than one-year Sheep
Goat meatLess than one year Goat
ChevonMore than one year Goat
goat vs lamb meat comparison

tastewise both are different but, lamb meat is softer compared to goat meat. I have tested both types of meat but I always love to eat goat meat because it is delicious and makes a difference compared to lamb meat.

in Europe & America, the Population of lamb is more compared to Goats while in Asia & Africa the goat population is more compared to lamb. This data is according to the livestock census.

Lamb Meat overview

the young sheep which is less than one year known as a lamb. the lamb meat is mostly preferred in the united states because it is lean and softer while on the other hand sheep meat is quite fatty.

The color of lamb meat is pink which tests better than the sheep.

don’t be confused about lamb or Mutton

Lamb vs Mutton: which one tastes better?

One-year-old sheep are known as lambMature 1-3 years old sheep known as mutton
Lamb meat is in pink colorMutton color is in deep red
US people preferred lamb meat compared to sheep meatMutton is more popular in Europe
The fat percentage is less compared to sheepThe fat percentage is more in mutton or sheep.
As compared to sheep meat, lamb meat is fine, softer, and delicious.Tastewise mutton taste more delicious than lamb

Goat meat overview

In Asia and Africa, peoples prefer goat meat compared to lamb and sheep meat. the weight of goat is less compared to lamb and sheep that’s the reason goat meat tastes better.

Goat meat is also called mutton in Asia and Africa. the average live weight of a goat is 20 kg approximately. A 20 kg live goat gives 11 kg net meat

People love to eat goat meat curries, biryani, Mexican and Jamaican dishes of goat meat. My mouth is watering taking the names of such dishes. hahaha

The goat meat comes under the red meat, it is harder compared to sheep meat. The protein percentage in goat meat is more compared to lean meat.

What is goat meat called?

goat’s meat called chevon. the common name of goat in various countries is ”goat” and the adult goat

Nutrients comparison between Goat meat vs lamb meat

100 gm cooked and roasted goat and lamb contain:

Goat meatLamb meat
Protein (g)2725
Fat (g)321
Iron (mg)3.71.9
Cholesterol (mg)7597
Sodium (mg)8672

According to the above nutrients compositions, Goat meat is healthier compared to lamb meat. the lamb meat is higher in fat contains more calories.

Source: USDA GOV

lamb vs goat meat: which is healthier?

high fat & cholesterol meat is considered bad for the health while a high percentage of protein considered good for health.

on average Human body requires 50 g of protein daily but not able to get this because of the higher cost of meat.

the 100 gm cooked goat meat contains 27 g protein while on the other hand lamb meat contains 2 grams less protein. lamb meat has higher fat and calories which is bad for health.

Finally, it has been proven that goat meat is healthier compared to lamb meat.