Yeontan Breed Price In India: How Much V’s Pet Costs ?

In this article we are going to tell you about what Yeontan Breed Price In India is.

Yeontan, also known as Tannie is an adorable small dog pet of a most popular Korean band member of BTS called V.

Yeontan was first introduced to the fans by V on a social media platform called V live in 2017.

Since then this dog has gained a lot of popularity among the BTS Army. This dog has also appeared in one of their documentary films.

According to BTS Wiki Yeontan is a male breed.

Since one of your favorite boy band members owns a dog it is obvious that you want to know more about this and how much this breed will cost you in India ?

Yeontan Breed Price In India

The price of the breed of Yeontan in India will cost you in the range of ₹30,000-₹75,000 depending on the quality of the place you are getting the puppy from.

There are many other factors that can affect the price of a dog in India like Place, Age, Breeder etc.

You can go through the list in one of posts on this website of about the prices of 150+ dog breeds in India.

What is the breed of Yeontan ?

The breed of Yeontan is Pomeranian and we have written a detailed article about the price of a pomeranian in India, where you will get an idea about the cost as well as other major information about this dog breed.

There are many different types of Pomeranian available and one of them is teacup which we have also talked about in detail in one of the posts on this website.

Yeontan Breed Information

Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Breed Teacup Pomeranian
Color Black & Tan
Gender Male
Alternate Name Tannie
Current Age 4 Years
Owner V of BTS
Temperament Playful, Kind
Price ₹30,000-₹75,000
First Appearance 2017
Popularity High
Status Alive

How much does V spend on Yeontan ?

As mentioned earlier, Yeontan is a Teacup Pomeranian so we could make an estimate on how Taehyung actually spends on Tannie by figuring out the cost to maintain a Teacup Pomeranian.

Expenses $
Vet Visits $40
Food $22
Kennel Boarding $20
Routine Veterinary Care $18
Grooming $10
Training $120
Toys $14
Monthly Cost* $250-$300
Annual Cost* $3000-$4000
Note: This is just an estimate and not an exact figure

FAQs: Yeontan Breed

Why did V name his dog Yeontan ?

Yeontan in Korean means “coal briquettes” and V named him after it because of the color of the dog which is just like coal.

How did Taehyung get Yeontan?

Yeontan was actually adopted by Taehyung. It was confirmed by his dog trainer Kang Hyung Wook in an interview at OtvN show.

Why is Yeontan sometimes called Tannie ?

Tannie is the nickname of Yeontan, and Tannie means short in Korean. So the members of BTS call Yeontan adorably as “Tannie”.

When was Yeontan born ?

Yeontan was born on 4th September 2017.

What is the relationship between Taehyung and Yeontan from BTS?

Taehyung and Yeotan are pretty close. Taehyung really loves his dog and it can be seen how he never misses a chance to post Yeontan pics on social media. But because of the busy schedule he has he is not always there with his pet so Yeontan currently lives with V’s parents.

Conclusion : Should you get this dog ?

So now you know how much Yeontan Breed Price in India could be. This breed is definitely expensive in terms of Indian standards.

And since it is a teacup type breed they are very delicate and prone to get hurt easily which means more vet visits and expenses.

Apparently, when Tannie was adopted he was very sick in the beginning and  it is really common with these teacup breeds that they come with a lot of health problems.

They are very high maintenance, they need the right kind of diet and training, this means you need to invest your time and energy in taking care of the dog.

Taehyung is rich and famous so he is able to afford a dog trainer that knows his work.

But not everyone can hire a dog trainer since they cost a lot. So you need to be ready to be able to take the expenses if you are planning to get this dog.

Taehyung did the right thing by adopting Tannie instead of purchasing it, with the amount of popularity and influence Taehyung has it really sends out a good message to his fans about adoption.

We at petriever, are also in the favor of adopting, to more know more about adoption and why it is the right thing you can read the part of the article of dog price list in india

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