Kota Goat Breed: Most profitable Goat Breed of India

Kota goat is one of the most demanding goat breed of India, it is the money-making goat breed, the price of one-year-old Kota is approximately 35 thousand rupees.

Yes, it is right Kota goat is one of the most profitable goat breed in India. It is an unrecognized goat breed by the government but available in large Numbers.

The best thing is that there are no organized farms in India working on this breed. If you can raise 100 pure quality Kota females then surely you can make a very good money from their kids.

The demand for this breed is increasing more and more the reason for the demand is their height and length. The male buck looks really beautiful and achieves a very good Bodyweight.

The long ears of kota goats give them a perfect look.

It comes in four to five mixed colors.

What is a kota goat?

Kota is the breed of goat that belongs to the Kota district of Rajasthan. Kota is the place where goat farming is not so popular but the region has a famous breed that achieves very good weight & height.

This goat is a money making machine, you can also call it an ATM.

I personally like this breed because I like the punch face goat. This goat has a roman nose that gives it a perfect look, different from others.

Where can you get quality Kota goats?

Well, getting this goat is not a big deal but you have to search in nearby areas of Kota city, like Jhalawad, Bhawani Mandi, garoth, Bundi, and so on.

Finding the seller of this goat is a big deal because it is available in very small numbers.

There is huge demand for this goat in Bhopal, there are numbers of resellers in Bhopal who sell this goat breed.

How can I detect the Pure Kota Breed?

Well, it is easy to detect the purity of Kota male & female goat in just 5 steps, you can just simply detect this breed by following these steps:

Step 1: The height of kota males is more than Desi goats, they have long legs.

Step 2: The ears of this goat are long and folded. The length of the ear is 15 to 18 inches normally.

Step 3:  The Nose is an important part of detection. They have a big roman nose like parrot while the normal desi goats have flat noses.

Step 4: The horns of this goat is curvy in the upside direction.

Step 5: The weight of a Kota female or male is more than local goats. Normally this breed achieves 30 kg weight in 6 months on the other hand local goats of Kota achieve 18 to 20 kg weight in just six months.

Hope these 5 steps help you get a pure kota goat.

What is the Kota goat price ?

The Kota goat price is more because of their demand in the market. Generally, the price depends on age and weight. the Kota goat baby price is less compared to adults.

The 3 months old kota goat baby price is 4000 Rs

The 6 months old Kota price is 5500 Rs

The 9 months old Kota is 10000 Rs

The 12 months old kota is 14 to 15000 Rs

This price is for both males and females. This price we got from the ‘’Kota goat farm’’ which is located in jhalwar district of Rajasthan.

The Kota goat price in India is increasing every year, the demand of this breed is more than its production.

Kota goat weight chart

This is Kota goat weight chart is of male goats and this weight chart also gets from kota farm through WhatsApp conversation.

Age Body weight
Birth weight 3 Kg
3 months weight 10 kg
6 months weight 25 kg
9 months weight 40 kg
12 months weight 60 kg
24 months weight 90 kg

This weight can be achieved on proper diet and timely deworming.

Frequently asked questions

Q.1) what is the selling price of a one year old kota goat?

The selling price mostly depends on the seller but the price of one year old kota male is 20 thousands in normal days and at the time eid its price is around 30 to 35 thousands approx.

Q.2) what diet should i give to my kota male?

For the maximum weight gain you should add green, dry and concentrate feed in their diet according to 8 to 10 percent of their body weight.

Q.3) are kota goats suitable in stall feeding?

Yes, this goat breed is best suitable for stall feeding but for the exercise you have to provide some open space for their running and walking.


Hope you get good information about Kota goats. Goat farming with this breed is more profitable compared to other breeds.

If you sell this breed in Mumbai at the time of Eid then you can simply double your profits.

If you are looking to start with this breed then you are going in the right direction.

If you have any queries regarding goat farming then feel free to ask in the comment section.


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