Sojat Goat Breed Amazing Productivity Guide : 2024

Sojat goat breed can give high returns to the goat farmer Because it looks good, pink in color, The milk production is quite good & it also known as Eid Goat.

Sojat goat breed is originated in Sojat Tehsil, Pali District of Rajasthan India. This is a non-recognized Breed but it is available in large numbers. this goat breed is in very high demand in the last five years. The goat breed became the first choice for the commercial Goat farming because of its looks or Pure white color, it achieves very good weight and fit for the commercial or stall-feed goat farming system.

Normally, Sojat has the capability to adapt any type of environment in India, it can achieve good height and weight in any environment.

According to my opinion, Sojat goat is that breed which can give high returns to the goat farmer. Because it looks good, Pure white or pink in color, it gives milk production is quite good, better adaptability, very high demand in the festivals, good production capacity.

It is the fast-growing breed the Sojat goat breed gains weight at 100 to 110 gm per day at the age of 0 to 3 months at Normal feed or Semi-intensive Goat farming method. Or it achieves 130 gm per day body weight at 3 to 12 months of age. This is the weight gain of semi-intensive where they give 2 to 3 hours of grazing. It can achieve more weight in intensive management or stall feeding farming system.

Sojat Goat weight chart

this goat breed is known for their quick weight gain, generally the weight of this goat breed depends on the multiple births of kids. but in the normal case by my experience, I get 3 kg birth weight if get Twins and I get single kid then approximately I get 4 to 4.5 kg birth weight

Age Weight (Kg)
Birth weight 3
weight at 3 Months 12
weight at 6 Months 24
weight at 9 Months 36
weight at 12 Months 56
weight at 15 Months 70

this weight chart is based on twin kids and on stall feeding


The main characteristics of the Sojat Goat breed is it gives quick returns, this goat is all-time money for the goat farmer because most of the goat have pink skin and pink skin goat has high demand in a country like India.

The male goat,  2 years old or 4 teeth superior Buck also used for grading up the non-descript goats through cross-breeding or to improve the quality of local goats.

it performs well at low cost goat management.

People in India prefer pink skin goat than normal color goat. That’s why the price of this goat is at peak level. The rate depends on the quality of the goat. Most of the Sojat goat has good quality. This goat always sold on 500 rs per kg. during the festival season, the price of this goat sold according to their look.

This is the dual-purpose breed, the capacity of milk and meat production is also good. this breed is known for their fine quality meat.


The pure quality Sojat is white in color and have large size face.

The Sojat goat is known for its pink color skin. The look of this goat quite beautiful which attract the people who love goats. Most of the people in India raised this goat breed for an ornamental purpose.

The normal height of the adult is 35 inches approximately and the length of the body is 37 inches approximately.

Generally, most of the pure goats are the without horns.

The length of the ears is 25 cm and 10 cm wide the ears are the same color as the face.

The eyes are in oval shape or brown in color.

The tail is medium size or remains upward in direction. This breed look similar To Jamunapari Goat

How much Meat Production From Sojat Goat?

This Goat breed is primarily used for meat production, the goat achieves very goat weight at normal feeding condition.

At one year of age, the Sojat male goat achieves 50 kg live body and female achieve 35 to 40 kg live body weight.

The consumable meat is 50 % of the total body weight. You can calculate the consumable meat through live body weight of goat.

The capacity to convert feed into meat is appreciable. It consumes 10% feed of its body weight. The feed should be green, dry forages and concentrate feed of 250 gm and gains 130 gm body weight per day in the age 3 to 12 months.

How much milk Sojat goat produce?

These goat produces up to 1.5 liters in the first one and a half month after giving birth to a kid. which is quite a good quantity in goats. After that, the milk production reduces every week.

The fat percentage in th milk is 3.5 % normally and 2% protein percentage in it.

The various tasty dishes can be made through the goat milk for Paneer, Khoya and buttermilk and many more.

 How to select the superior Breeder of Sojat Goat Breed ?

  • The superior sojat breeder can be used to enhance the Nondescriptive or local Goat Breed.
  • The Breeder should Be strengthened, tight or aggressive.
  • First of all, The buck used for Breeding purpose should be the age of 20 to 24 months of age and the weight should be more than 60 kg.
  • It has the capability to produce quality Semen.
  • The height of the Breeder should be 35 or more for better results and the body length should be good.
  • It should be free from the disease.
  • The legs of the Breeder should be strengthened.
  • The breeder should Be of the different flock. Stay away from inbreeding. Or in other words, it should not be the brother of female goat used for breeding.

How to care and management of  Sojat goat for the better productivity

  • For the better productivity vaccinate the goat against the viral and Highly contagious disease like PPR, FMD and Goat Pox. The vaccine is available in the market. The vaccination is the only solution for this viral disease.
  • A prior vaccine is better than cure. The low-cost vaccination can save your Expensive goats.
  • For the better management provide them good Housing and stay away from Overcrowding.
  • Provide good feed to the goats, the feed should have enough dry matter for better growth.
  • If you are planning for a festival purpose like Eid castrate the male kid at the age of 2 months.

Why you should select Sojat Goat

  • Adaptability to wide range climatic and feeding condition make this goat most ideal for commercial and stall-feed goat farming.
  • It performs well in stall feeding goat farming system.
  • This goat gives maximum returns.
  • The look height and weight are majestic compared to another breed.
  • The mortality and morbidity is less compared to other goat breeds.

How Much you can Earn From Sojat Goat – Project report of (10+1)

Weight of goat Price per kg Price of 1 goat Cost
30 kg 10 female 320 ×30 11200 11200×10=112000
40 kg 1 Male 320×40 12800  12800×1 = 12800
Total purchasing cost 124800

#1 Production of goat kids

1st crop Kids
60% single 6 kids 6
40 % Twins 8 kids 8
Total 14
2nd crop
60% single 6 kids 6
40 % Twins 8 kids 8
Total 14
Total kids in 14 months
from both crop

Mortality 10% means 2.8 goats died. Therefore, 25 goats remaining. It can be either male or female

Feeding cost  10 rs per day in which concentrate and dry forage are taken green forage should be used your own.

#2 Feeding cost

No. of goat Goat×feed cost×days Cost of feed
11 goats feeding for 14 month
at 10 rs feed per day
11×10×425 46750
25 kids, cost of feeding 7 Rs for 4 months
after that they are ready for sale
25×7×120 21000
10 kids save for Eid purpose feed them for
the remaining 6 months or 180 days
with 10 rs per day feeding.
10×10×180 18000
Total cost   85750

#3 Sale of Goats

No. of Kids for Sale Kids x goat weight x sale weight  Cost
4 kids are sold from first
crop at age of 6 months
4×20×320 25600
11 kids are sold from second
crop at age of 6 months
11×20×320 70400
Total 96000
10 goats sold On Eid at 500 rs per kg
the weight achieve on 1 year
is 50 kg approx
10×50×500 250000
Total sale of Animal cost 346000


Total Profit = total sale of animal cost – feeding cost

                      = 346000 – 85750

                       = 260250 Rs.

You can earn simply 260250 in 14 months from investing 124800 (10+1)  Sojat goats. In this report, the monthly expenses like shed cost, labor cost, feeding equipment is not included.

To see the actual project report of (100+4) goats with all the expenses click the link below

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