Rajapalayam Dog Price: How Much Does It Cost In India?

Do you want to know what Rajapalayam Dog Price is in India ? Where can you buy one or should you buy one? You’ll will get all the answers here.
Rajapalayam Dog is an Indian breed which is name after a place called Rajapalayam in Tamil Nadu (South India).
This dog breed is not very popular in India and also are on the verge of their extinction,
Apart from these facts, there are many other things that you need to know if you are planning to buy this dog.

Rajapalayam Dog Price In India

Rajapalayam Dog Price Range is somewhere between 6k-10k, and mostly available in Tamilnadu

To know the price of other dog breeds in India you can refer to this article.

One thing you should know that the price of the dog may vary from place to place.

For instance, Rajapalayam dog price in Trichy may differ from the Rajapalayam dog price in Delhi.

Before you buy a Rajapalayam dog please do proper research about the dog first, if you want to avoid being cheated.

Rajapalayam dogs are native to India so they are very low maintenance and don’t need much care as compared to imported dog breeds because of their capability to bear the dynamic Indian climate.

Rajapalayam Dogs Features

Height 65-75 cm (20-30 inches)
Weight 32-42 kg
Lifespan 10-12 years
Temperament Loyal, Intelligent, Powerful, Not so friendly with unknowns
Price 8000-12000 INR
Popularity Low
Grooming Basic grooming is enough
Common Problem Deafness

Physical Features Of Rajapalayam Dogs

Rajapalayam is a large-sized sight-hound dog, generally between 65–75 cm (20-30 inches) and weighs around 32-42 kgs. Rajapalyam dogs are only available in white and with an extremely pinkish nose. They live up to 10- 12 years. These dogs don’t do well with strangers but are very loyal and loving to their owners.

There are some misconceptions when it comes to the physical appearance of Rajapalayam Dogs.

A lot of people try to look for other colours in this breed and end up wasting time.

As I mentioned earlier, Rajapalayam only comes in White and no other colour.

Apart from that, they have V-Shaped ears, golden eyes, and a pinkish nose.

If you find a Rajapalayam Dog with blue eyes, the chances are that the dog is probably deaf or will be deaf in the future.

Rajapalayam Dogs have long legs that make them look taller than other breeds and a thin bony looking tail.

Recommended Dog Foods For Rajapalayam

There are some recommended dog foods for Rajapalayam Dogs which will help them to get proper nutrition and energy.

But if you want if you are a novice dog owner then I would suggest you read this article about best dog foods available in India.

These dog food are highly recommended by vets, which are made with animal products and free from unnecessary filler like grains, by-products which ensure good health of your pet.

How To Take Care Of A Rajapalayam Dog

If you are planning to own a Rajapalayam then I would definitely recommend this book to you.

This book is a must for all Novice Owners because this has a descriptive guide on Rajapalayam dog breed and how to take care of them in the right way.

It also has some interesting information on this breed which would definitely help take care of this breed a lot better.

FAQ About Rajapalayam

Do Rajapalayam Dogs Shed?

Yes, they do shed but not in an excessive amount like other dogs.

How many colours of Rajapalayam dogs are there?

There is only one colour of Rajapalayam and that is WHITE.

Are Rajapalayam Dogs aggressive?

They are generally aggressive towards unknows, and in some cases, they get out of control.

Do they get along with other dog breeds?

They generally don’t, but they may get along if you raise them together since puppies.

Are Rajapalayam dogs friendly?

Rajapalayam Dogs are known to be one-man dogs so they are only affectionate and friendly towards their owners. They don’t like unfamiliar faces

Why Rajapalayam dogs are becoming extinct?

Lack of awareness and interest for Indian Breeds are the reasons for their extinction.

Are Rajapalayam Dogs good for novice owners?

If you are a novice owner then it could be a little hard for you to handle their aggression, but they are still good for you as a guard dog.

Are blue-eyed Rajapalayam Dogs are deaf?

It has been seen that most of the blued-eyed Rajapalayam Dogs are found to be deaf. So, it is true.

Will raising Rajapalayams as vegetarians make them less aggressive?

No, the type of food they eat doesn’t influence their behaviour, they will still be the same regardless of the food they eat.

How To Find Original Rajapalayam Dog?

These are the things you should notice before you buy or adopt a Rajapalayam Puppy.

Colour of the dog: It is should be obvious by now that Rajapalayam has only one colour which is White.

Colour of Nose and Paws: Check the colour of nose and paw of the dog they must be Pink.

Check whether the dog is deaf or not: Deafness is the most common issue in Rajapalayam Dogs to check whether a Rajapalayam is deaf or not you should check their eye colour if their they Blue then they are Deaf.

Size of its head: In the earlier days, Rajapalayam dogs had huge heads now due to crossing breeds their quality has been affected. If you find a Rajapalayam dog with a huge head then consider yourself lucky.

Conclusion (Is this Dog Perfect For You?)

Now the question is should you own this dog? Is it perfect for your home?

The answer is “it depends on your preferences”.

If you’re looking for a homely dog, like Labrador then this dog is not the one for you’re home because they bark a lot if they feel suspicious or uncomfortable which may disturb your neighbours.

But they are trainable so you train them not to bark a lot.

If you’re looking for a guard dog to protect your home then without a doubt Rajapalayam is the perfect one.

If you have any other queries regarding Rajaplayam dog you can comment down below.

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