Sannen Goat Breed: Weight And Price

Sannen goat is the queen of Dairy goat, it gives around 2.5 liters of milk in a day. it is the dual purpose breed which gives quick returns From Day one.

Saanen Goat is the Dairy goat Breed also known as the queen of dairy goats. Sannen is a popular Goat Breed worldwide. The sannen Goat is very good in milk production as well as in Meat production. It is the Dual purpose Breed. This breed is largely used in crossbreeding to enhance the milk production of the other breeds.

This breed is originated in sannen valley of Switzerland. The reason of saying Queen of Dairy Goat because it produces the highest milk production compared to other Goat breeds in the world. The average milk production of sannen goat is 2 to 2.5 liter per day.

The sannen goat is imported to more than 70 countries. The milk of sannen is used for drinking and other milk products like Yogurt, Butter Milk, butter. The milk of sannen goat is also used for Goat milk soap and other expensive Beauty products.

The breed is known for their beautiful look. It is the pure white color breed.

Sannen Goat Breed Profile

Breed Name Sannen
Other Name Queen of Dairy Goat
Origin Switzerland
Normal Height 30-36 inch
Udder Size of Adult Doe Big
Coat Color White
Purpose Of Breed Milk Purpose
Size Category Medium  Size Breed
Weight of Mature Male
(2 years)
70 to 80 kg
Weight Of Mature Female
(2 years)
50 to 60 kg
Age At First Kid 14 Months
Average Birth Weight of Fid  2.5 to 3 Kg
Kidding Interval 7 months
Number of Kid Crops in 2 Year 3
Gestation Length 150± 5 days
Repeating Heat Cycle  21 days
Single Birth Percentage 20%
Twins Percentage 70%
Triplets Percentage 10%
Average Milk Capacity 2 to 2.5 liter per day
Estrus period or
Heat period Duration
24 to 36 Hours

Sannen Goat Price in india

The price of sannen goat in India is high because this breed is available on some farms and most of the farms did not provide female sannen. this is the reality of this goat in India.

you have to pay a high amount to buy sannen female.

The cost of sannen 3 months old kids is 20,000

the cost of 12 months sannen female goat is 55000

The cost of 12 months old male goats is 50000

sannen goat weight chart

This weight chart of the male sannen and is noted at optimum feeding of stall-feed goat farm in which highly nutritious feed is given time and all goats are vaccinated & dewormed properly.

Age Weight in (Kg)
1. sannen goat Birth weight 2.5 -3.5
2. Weight at 3 months 10
3. Weight at 6 months 25
4. Weight at 9 months 45
5. Weight at 12 months 60

Characteristics Of Sannen Goat

The Milk production of sannen is good, it is approximately 2 to 2.5 liter which quite good numbers. This Milk Production Helps Newborn kids and provides immunity. Enough Milk production of the goat is one of the reasons for less Mortality.

The sexual maturity of sannen is early. The female Goat is ready for Breeding at the age of 9 months which is quite good for Commercial goat farming. After 5 months of gestation, the Goat is ready for birth, Therefore, Age at first kidding is 14 months.

Early maturity is the sign You can get More production of Kid and Milk in the whole life of Goat.

Appearance of Sannen Goat

Sannen goat is a medium-sized breed. The main coat color of sannen goat is pure white color. They have short white hair on the whole body. The height is short approx 30 to 35 inches of adult male and female.  The sannen kids look pretty adorable and can become very good pet.

The Ears are horizontally straight or Pink in color from inside, the muzzle is also pink in color. The pink color is the shadow of Switzerland’s cold climate. The color of the eyes is mainly brown.

Normally, The male goat has a beard. the horns are long & V-shaped and tilt roundly to Backside Gives them a perfect look.

The medium size tail hangs downward. Generally, they have large size udder.

Sannen Goat milk per day Production

Sannen goat is mainly raised for milk production worldwide compared to meat.  it is the milk purpose breed also known as the queen of Dairy Goat.

the sannen goat produces fat content in the milk is 3 to 3.5 % with Protein 2.5% in the first 2 to 3 months after kidding.

The milk cycle or lactation cycle starts from day one after birth and it continuously goes on up to 3 months in which the milk production is at peak level in 14 to 35 days of lactation after that milk production fall continuously week to week is noted.

The peak milk production is 2.5 liters per day after that it reduces up to 1.5 liters. See in the figure. If the Does gives twins birth than milk production per day is Large as compared to single birth.

This production of milk totally depends on the feed type, the feed has enough dry matter for good milk production.

Meat Production of sannen goat

The quality sannen male is selected for breeding purpose rest are used for the Meat purpose, this breed produces fine quality tasty meat which people prefer to eat.

The weight of an adult males of 1 year reaches up to 45 kg on providing good feed in stall feeding rearing system and the female reaches up to 35 to 40 kg. the meat is tasty and fine of an adult goat.

The weight of male increases and it becomes more fine with castration

Mortality of Kid

The mortality of kid is less in sannen goat because the goat produces milk in good quantity which gives immunity to the goat up to weaning.

The Mortality in sannen goat is approximately 5 to 6 percent is noted with good management of farm which provides enough feed to the goat at the time of gestation and lactation period.

Care and management for the Sannen goat

  • The breed is mainly from Switzerland than they required cool temperature, therefore the house of Sannen goat should be well ventilated, clean, dry and Hygiene all the time for the better production of meat and milk.
  • Provide them quality feed for high milk production. Milk production totally depends on feeding Dry matter.
  • There should be variety in the goat feed. Don’t feed the same type of feed every day.
  • The feed should be green dry and concentrate on a whole day diet.
  • For the better production provide concentrate in the morning, green forage in the day and Dry forage in the evening.
  • Do proper care against Viral, Bacterial, fungal and Parasite disease of goats.
  • Prior vaccination is better than cure So Vaccinate Before all the animal against the viral disease of goat according to your region.
  • For internal parasite deworming should be done twice a year pre and post-monsoon.

Advantage of Sannen Goat or why you have to raised Sannen goat in your farm

  • You can sale the milk from day one, Milk gives quick returns.
  • These breed fulfill the milk requirement of the family.
  • It is better to raise 5 sannen goats at the same rate of one cow.
  • It is the dual-purpose breed.
  • Mortality % is less compared to others.

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