Dominique Chicken: All You Need To Know

Dominique chicken is the oldest breed of USA. they are prolific egg layer which lay 240 eggs in a year. they lay large size brown color egg which weigh 60 g.

Dominique chicken breed looks similar to the Barred Plymouth Rock. The breed is originated in the United States of America. Dominique chicken is one of the oldest breed of America, therefore, the year of origin is unknown. Most importantly it is the dual purpose breed perform better in both eggs and Meat.

this breed is calm and friendly in behavior and considered as the most profitable breed. they perform quite well in the backyard or free range.

They are also known from the other name pilgrim fowl and Dominiker. They are medium in weight, ability to find their own feed in the free range is quite.

Generally, the breed has a single variety of Barred plumage and Rose comb.

Dominique chicken vs Plymouth Rock chicken

Sometimes I also confused between Dominique chicken and Barred Plymouth Rock but one of the major difference between both is their comb. Dominique has a rose comb while Plymouth rock has Single Comb.

The body weight is also a major difference in both Dominique and Plymouth rock. the Dominique male cock weighs around 3 to 3.2 Kg while Plymouth rock chicken cock weighs approx 4 to 4.2 kg.

Facts and Productivity of Dominique chicken

Name of Breed Dominique
Other Name of Breed Dominicker, Pilgrim Fowl
Origin United States of America
Development year Unkown
Comb type Rose comb.
Variety Barred  
Main color Barred
Purpose Dualpurpose
Disposition Doclile, Calm and friendly
Breed size Medium
Cock weight 3 kg to 3.2 kg ( 6.5 lbs to 7 lbs).
Cockrel weight 2.7 kg (6 lbs)
Hen weight 2.2 kg to 2.4 kg (5 lbs to 5.5 lbs).
Pullet weight 1.8 kg (4 lbs)
Egg capacity per year 220-240 eggs
Age at first Egg (days) 140-150
Egg weight 55-60 g
Egg size Large
Egg color Brown
Skin color Yellow
Shank color Yellow
Survivability %  upto 6 weeks 98

The Dominique chicken characteristics

firstly they are good layer after they are good meat producer and this combination makes it is a prolific Dual purpose breed.

generally, they mature early, a cockerel achieves good weight in limited time.

They are hardy and their behavior fit for the family pet. they can be handled easily. They lay large size brown color egg or fulfill the nutrition requirement of the family.

They are good mothers always go broody and capable of hatching eggs naturally.

Appearance of Dominique

The breed is quite similar as Barred Plymouth rock except for their comb type. Dominique has Rose comb of bright red color. there is always remain confusion in between Dominique chicken vs Barred rock or Plymouth rock.

This breed has a short yellow beak and medium-sized head. Eyes are large bright reddish oval in shape.

Wattles are long and equally well rounded or bright red Ear lobes are half of the wattles or bright red.

Shanks and toes are free from feathers. Shanks has well diameter or yellow. Four toes are well spread or yellow.

Breast is full, broad and deep full with barred color plumage.

Tail is long curved and well spread.

Egg production

Generally, Dominique chicken egg color is brown they are prolific egg layers that lay large size eggs, each egg weighs 55 – 60 g normally. The capacity of laying an egg is quite good. they lay around 220-240 eggs per year by per hen.

They start laying eggs at the age of their 21st week and lay up to 72nd to 78th weeks which is not fixed depending on the quality of feed during their pregnancy and laying period.

Meat Production

Dominique performs well in meat production. The growth of the chicken and quality of meat increases in free-range or either in the backyard. Dominique chicken male or female differ in bodyweight

The conversion of feed to meat is quite good that’s why they mature early and achieve good weight.

The average standard weight of cock ranges between 3 kg to 3.2 kg (6.5 lbs to 7 lbs).

The average standard weight of Hen ranges between 2.2 kg to 2.4 kg (5 lbs to 5.5 lbs).

Care and management

  • House of the chicken should be disinfected, clean and dry for the better growth.
  • Grower, brooder and layer house of chicks, cockerel, pullet, and hen should be separated
  • The prior vaccine is better than cure. Birds should be vaccinated from their very first week for better immunity.
  • House should be well ventilated for the fresh air circulation in the house of birds.
  • In a large number of the flock in free-range, the problem of mites and ticks always appear to cure this problem external deworming is essential.
  • They can’t say but they need quality feed. So provide them balanced feed full with protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals.

Why choose Dominique?

Is Dominique good for your farm?

  • First of all, they are good mothers. Always extra caring for their chicks. No need of incubators for a small number of the flock.
  • Dominique chicken brees is a dual-purpose chicken breed used for both meat and eggs.
  • They are hardy, matures early and good foragers.
  • Generally calm, docile and friendly in behavior can be handled easily. Cock is aggressive sometimes.
  • Fulfill the nutrition requirement of the owner family from their large sized brown color eggs.
  • They look beautiful in appearance or increase the beauty of the farm in free range.

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