Vizsla Dog Price In India (2024): Everything You Need To Know

If you are fond of Vizsla and want to know Vizsla Dog Price In India then have come to the right place.

Vizsla is not really a popular dog breed compared to other dog breeds in India

Vizsla come from Hungary and they are referred to as the Yellow Hound. The name” Vizsla” means searcher and tracker in Hungarian, which implies that this breed is a working dog breed like German Shepherd

This breed were used by hunters to retrieve hunted birds or animals

They are a very loyal and beautiful active dog breed that are always ready to play with you.

They suffer separation anxiety just like some dog breeds like Maltipoo.

Keep reading this article to know everything you need to know about this breed so you can make the right decision whether to get this breed or not.

Vizsla Dog Price in India (2023)

Vizsla is gaining a little popularity amongst the dog lovers in India but it is still not a very popular dog breed

A Vizsla puppy could cost you in the range of 60,000 – 90,000

The breeding of this dog may be low in India so you will probably have to import it which may increase the price of this dog even further.

You can check out the price of other dog breeds in India which have more or less the same temperament as Vizsla (like German Shepherd)

Factors That Affect The Price of A Vizsla Dog

The following are the factors which may affect the price of a Vizsla

  1. Place: If you are buying a dog in India it would be less expensive compared to if you import it.
  2. Breeder: An experienced breeder who knows about his job will always sell the dog at a higher price than the inexperienced ones.
  3. Quality: The quality of a dog has a major impact on the price of a dog.
  4. KCI Registered: If the dog is registered with KCI, it ensures the purity of the dog. Thus, the dog will cost higher.

Features of Vizsla

Height 58-61cm
Weight 25-30kg
Lifespan 11-15 years
Temperament Energitic, Loyal, Quiet, Gentle
Color Red Golden, Golden, Brown
Puppy Price in India 60,000-90,000
Popularity in India Low
Origin Hungary
Hypoallergenic No
Grooming Moderate
Maintenance Level Moderate to High
Behavioral Issue Separation Anxiety

Difference between Hungarian Vizsla and WireHaired Vizsla

Hungarian Vizsla and Wirehaired Vizsla both are of same descent and have similar features and temperament

But they have some differences, the most visible difference is their coat Hungarian Vizsla has the shorter and shiny coat whereas the Wirehaired has a wiry coat.

Both come from the same place, Hungaria. Wirehaired Vizsla is a little antisocial compared to Vizsla

Wirehaired has more hunting retrieving instincts than Hungarian Vizsla.

Hungarian Vizsla has a lesser puppy littering capacity than Wirehaired one.

Things You Should Know Before Getting A Vizsla In India.

These are the following things you should know before getting a Vizsla

  1. Separation Anxiety: Vizslas have separation anxiety so if you can’t stay with your dog all the time it is not the dog for you
  2. They are not a Guard Dog: This dog rarely barks at people. However they do bark at suspicious people but they can’t be considered as a guard dog.
  3. Not good for small apartments: They don’t do well in closed spaces, because their body is big when they become adults. So logically they will need open spaces where they can walk or run around as they like.
  4. Regular Exercise: Every dog needs regular exercise and Vizsla is no exception. They need regular exercise and a proper diet.
  5. Breeders In India: Availability of Vizsla breeders in India is low and one may have a hard time finding a genuine breeder of this dog.

FAQS about Vizsla 

Do Vizslas bark a lot ?

Vizslas are generally quite and do not bark a lot which make them not a great guard dog

Can Vizsla be left alone at home ?

Vizslas have separation anxiety so they don’t cope really well with being left alone at home. This could be a bummer for the people who can’t stay at home all the time.

Are they easy to potty train ?

Yes, Vizslas are intelligent dogs so they are not that hard to potty train.

What is the height and weight of a Vizsla ?

The height of an adult Vizsla is around 58-61cm and the weight is around is 25-30kg

Do they shed ?

They have a very short coat but they do shed regularly and they are easy to maintain and there is no seasonal shed since it is a single coat dog.

Is Vizsla a family dog ?

Yes, they are a perfect family dog. They are lovely, kind and loyal to their owners

Is Vizsla good for first time owners ?

Yes, Vizsla is perfect for first time owners if you have enough time to dedicate to your dog.

How much exercise do they need as a puppy ?

Puppies will need 2 hours of daily play and exercise.

What are the diseases Vizslas are prone to ?

Just like any other dogs this breed is prone to viral and bacterial diseases like rabies, parvo etc. So, it is advisable that you get the dog vaccinated as a puppy.

Are Vizslas prone to ear infections ?

Atopy is the most common skin allergy that Vizslas suffer from. This infection most affects the ears, feet and belly.


I hope now you know everything there is to know about Vizsla Price In India and more.

As mentioned earlier, to find a genuine breeder of this dog in India, you would have a hard time finding this breed in India.

Importing would be the best option but that will definitely cost you some fortune.

This dog is not the right choice if you live alone and you go outside often because this dog craves companionship

So, it is not a type of dog that you can leave at home alone for hours while you are out working.

This dog is the right choice for you if you have a big apartment and have a free time to dedicate to your dog

If you feel if have left somethings unanswered you can comment down below.

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