Beetal Goat Breed Amazing Facts 100 KG Weight Goat : Review

Beetal goat is one of the high milk productive goat breed of India. It is one of the best dual-purpose goat breed which originated in the Punjab region of India. This breed also available in Pakistan Punjab region.

Beetal goat is becoming popular everywhere in India because of its weight and height. it is also known from the Punjabi Goat & it easily achieves 100 Kg weight.

The length and weight attract people to buy it. This goat breed easily achieves 100 kg in just 18 months.

Beetal is becoming popular everywhere in India because of its weight and height. This Goat breed is also known from the Punjabi Goat

The specialty of this goat breed is it can survive in any environment and every region of India. Now you can get this in the North, south, west region of India. The availability of this goat is everywhere.

The Beetal or Punjabi goat is mainly used for Crossbreeding with the other goats to increase the productivity of other goats. the lifespan of this Goat breed is 12 to 15 years.

Where Is Beetal Goat Found?

This Goat breed found easily in the Punjab region of India, this goat breed is also known from the name Punjabi goat. currently, this breed Spread in whole India because people love this Goat because it is the only goat that achieves 48-inch height. The People of India Love the good height of goats. because of their large height, it achieves very good weight in a short period of time.

Beetal Goat weight Chart

This is the only goat breed in India that achieves the highest weight in such a short period of time. If you can castrate (khassi), it can easily achieve 180 to 200 kg on a very good diet or in 3 to 4 years of age.  Beetal goat weight chart is quite impressive for those who reared goat for Eid Purpose.

This is the weight of without castrated goat.

Age Body Weight
Birth weight 4 to 4.5 kg
3 Months 12 – 14 kg
6 Months 30 – 32 kg
9 Months 45 – 46 kg
12 Months 60 – 62 Kg
15 Months 70 – 75 Kg
18 Months 90 – 92 Kg

Note: This weight chart is based on the stall feeding goat farming. this weight can only achieve stall feeding and on quality goat feed, not on grazing.

This goat breed easily achieves 5 Kg weight per month. Most of the female Beetal gives single Kid in each gestation. The multiple Kid is rarely seen in Beetal.

Which Goat Breed is best in india

As per the outstanding Productivity of beetal goat I can surely say that this goat breed is the best goat breed of India. they produce a very good amount of Milk in their lactation period and according to their weight gain capacity, this is the best goat breed of India.

The other countries also looking for the beetal goat to enhance the quality of their local breed through cross-breeding.

this breed is available in a very small quantity. the farmers of India have to raise this breed for the upcoming days. The market demand of this breed is high and this breed comes under the Expensive goat breed of India.

Milk Yield capacity of Beetal Goat

One of the main reasons for the High weight and good height is the milk Production of this goat. Kids get the Proper milk to drink because the Beetal Goat milk yield is up to around 2.5 to 3 Liter milk per day.

No doubt, this is the high milk Production goat breed of India.

The available fat percentage in beetal is normally 2 to 2.5 %. Generally, after giving birth it Produces milk up to 3 liters for first one month and after one month the milk production decreases every week up to dry period.

Characteristics and Appearance Of Beetal Goat

The main characteristic of this goat breed is that it is the dual-purpose goat breed which gives high milk and meat to their owner.

It is one of the goat that has a high selling price. The high price is because it achieves very good weight and height in a short period of time.

The 2-year-old Punjabi Beetal  (4 teeth) has a height of around 40 to 42 inches. Some of beetal has height up to 46 to 48 inches. Which is very huge and can’t be seen in any other goat in the world.

The eyes of this goat are in oval shape or white in color and the long pendulous ears give them a beautiful look.

The main coat color of  goat breed is black and it is also available in Brown, a mixture of white and brown, the mixture of weight and black.

How to select the Breeder for high productivity

Beetal breeder for crossbreeding is a good choice. Beetal breeders can enhance the milk and meat production of other goats.

If you cross your local goat with beetal than the result you will get has good height and good weight.

Specialty in Beetal Breeder goat should be

  • The breeder you select for breeding should be  better height weight
  • The weight of the breeder should be around 80 kg for better upcoming results.
  • The breeder should be vaccinated disease-free.
  • The age of the breeder should not be less than 18 months.
  • The testicles of breeder should be of the same size.
  • The feed conversion rate of male breeder should be good.
  • The parenting of male breeder should be highly productive.

Beetal Goat farm in Maharashtra

There are Number of goat farms available in Maharashtra that sale and purchase beetal or Punjabi goat and earning very good. Of course, Maharashtra has become the Hub of goat farming and you can get every breed there.

You can get Beetal in Mumbai at JD Goat Farm. if you are near Sangli district in Maharashtra then you can get pure beetal at Mahakali goat farm of Tejas lengare.

Availability of Beetal Goat in tamil Nadu

There are fewer goat farms who raised this breed in Tamilnadu. This goat is also popular in the south region of India. Most of the goat farms in Tamilnadu rear this goat for cross-breeding and for Eid Purpose because this goat is quite attractive in look and gives the highest profit to the goat farmer.

Vijay farms in Tamilnadu is the retailer of beetal in Tamilnadu where you can get beetal breed of every age.

 The truth about Beetal goat Breeding cycle

The beetal goat breeding cycle is the same as the normal goat. The gestation period is 150 days. The female goat comes in heat every 18 to 21 days.

The heat Period of this goat is 48 hours. for Good Fertility rate mating two times in this heat cycle in the interval of 12 hours.Breed with a better breeder for good results. The quality and specialty are above in the breeder paragraph.

Complete Guide about Beetal Goat price in india 

Normally, the price depends on the seller or goat farmer. The beetal or Punjabi goat price mostly depends upon the purity of the breed, their look weight, and height. Normally the male beetal price is 700 to 1000 rs per kg in India.

The Beetal pure breed male price in Maharashtra is 800 to 1000 rs per kg. These prices can be increased if the height is more than 45 inches.

Comparison of Beetal vs Sirohi Goat

Both are the best goat breed of India. Sirohi goat breed is best for the lower price range, but the beetal breed comes in expensive goat breed. Beetal is mainly raised for eid purpose the male goat price of beetal breed of one year age is more than 50,000 rs.

The Height and weight gain capacity in beetal is more than Sirohi goat. The capacity of milk production is also more in beetal comparison to Sirohi goat.

Normally, the first choice of kid beetal Punjab goat as compared to Sirohi. The kid at the time of the Bakra Eid festival selects the big goat who looks beautiful. Most of the people don’t like the Sirohi goat because of their coat color.

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