Kadaknath Chicken Price In Metro Cities

Kadaknath chicken is popular for their unique coloured meat and taste the kadaknath chicken price in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Banglore are more than 1000 Rupees. Kadaknath chicken is popular for the unique black coloured meat or Delicious taste. The kadaknath chicken price differs region to region. The price of kadaknath chicken also depends on how … Read more

Jersey Giant Chicken Complete Information Guide

Jersey giant chicken is one of the heaviest breed of american class. Mainly used for meat purpose. they lays 170 eggs in a year. each egg weigh 60g. Jersey giant is the American class breed. Originated in New Jersey USA in the late 1800s. Jersey giant chicken is extra large, it is one of the heaviest breeds … Read more

Cornish Chicken Characteristics And Breed Detail Information

Cornish chicken is class breed. which is manily used for meat pupose. also known from other name call indian game fowl. it lays around 170 eggs in a year. Cornish is the English class breed. Cornish chicken is originated in Shire county of Cornwall England before 1843. This breed is accepted by the American Poultry Association in … Read more