Goat Farming in MP- Madhya Pradesh Complete Guide

The scope of goat farming in MP is increasing rapidly and the strength of goat farms with the Sojat goat Breed is increasing day by day and making Profit.

A lot of People starting Goat farming in MP Because this business has the potential to double the income in a limited period of time compared to any other business. Starting commercial goat farming in Madhya Pradesh will be a good decision because the number of farms available in this state is less compared to other states.

Goat comes under the small ruminant category who can live in small roughages and on a handful of concentrate feed(Dana). The per-day cost of raising a goat is quite less compared to other livestock.

The indigenous breed of this state is Malwa but till now Malwa is an unrecognized goat breed of India. Malwa is a productive goat breed. This breed has the capability to give multiple births in each gestation period.

The Goat Produce Milk, Meat and Manure. The Goat Meat has a High demand in Madhya Pradesh compared to any other Meat. Milk and Manure are the By-Product of Goat. These also Give a respected amount of money on selling this to the Goat farmer.

The price of Live goat is quite High at the time of Eid in Madhya Pradesh. This Business makes good money at the time of Festivals. Most of the Goats Exported to Mumbai from Madhya Pradesh at the time of Eid, it is the reason for the hike in price. Places like Indore, Bhopal, Dewas, Ujjain, Jabalpur, the cost of the one-year-old goat is around 20,000 to 50,000 on Eid.

Overall, in my opinion, Goat farming in MP has a Bright Future. A lot of youngsters are attracted to start this business, Because this is a simple Business that has a huge potential, and 100 goats can easily be handled by single labour. This business can be scaled as much as possible. The only thing you need is land of your own in which you can grow your own green fodder.

Goat farming Training in mp

Before starting this business, you have some theoretical & Practical knowledge about goat farming and for that Goat farming training is quite important to avoid loss in the beginning. Better to take the knowledge from Experience goat farmer. Before starting goat farming in mp you have to visit some goat farm to learn more about Goats.

Animals don’t speak about their problem and their disease. To know much more about that goat farming training is important. You can get experience on your own. It will take 1 to 2 years. It is better to learn from other experiences.

The farmingx goat farm in Madhya Pradesh provides 2 days Goat farming training and completes all the syllabus in these two days.

In these two days, you Learn all about Goat farming Business, the importance of goat breeds, goat Feed management, goat farming principles, Vaccination schedule of Goats, how to give the injection to Goat with all 3 routes. internal and external deworming, goat meat and meat products. A viral and bacterial disease of goats their symptoms, treatment and Precaution, breeding management principles, How to get bank loan etc.

They started their goat farming journey in 2018 and successfully doing goat farming. The owner of this farm is well educated and has very good knowledge of commercial Goat farming. They also provide free visits to their farm.

List of Breeds for starting Goat farming in MP

The climate condition of Madhya Pradesh is suitable for Goat and you can start goat farming in mp from any of the breeds. It is better to start from a recognised breed compared to local or desi breed because local or desi don’t give as much profit as recognized Goat Breed.

If you raise local goats it will eat the same as other breeds but it will be sold in less amount because a brand is always a brand. Local things can’t replace the brand.

Suitable Breeds in Madhya Pradesh

  • Sirohi
  • Sojat
  • Jamunapari
  • Kota
  • Beetal
  • Patira
  • Barbari
  • Malwa
  • Osmanabadi
  • Surti

Suitable Exotic Goat Breed for Goat farming in MP

  • Sannen (Switzerland)
  • Boer(Africa)

Goat Farming Loan In MP

The loan is much more important for goat farming in mp because most of the people don’t have much money in hand for starting this business. Goat farming is a business that requires money for Goat Housing, Goats and goat equipment.

The Government of India helps to start this business and give subsidies on bank loans. You have to take a loan to get this subsidy. You have to provide a Goat farming project report or training certificate for the proof that you know about goat farming. Goat farming loan in MP is for the person who wants to do something in this business and provide employment to the poor people.

You can get this loan from any of the recognized banks of India. The interest on this loan is around 10% yearly. And you have to pay this loan in quarterly installment.  To get this loan you have to submit the document like the Land registry, and personal detail document.

Goat farming subsidy in MP

The subsidy is provided by the NABARD (National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development). This subsidy is based on the caste system of India. If you are under BPL/SC/ST then you will get a 33% subsidy by NABARD and if you are under General and OBC then you will get a 25% subsidy By Nabard this subsidy comes directly under your Loan Account.

It is easy to take this subsidy, first of all, process the loan and then Process for the subsidy if you will get the loan then you can get subsidy easily. They are ready to give subsidies for Goat farming in MP.

Advantage of starting Goat Farming In MP

  • Madhya Pradesh is an agriculture-based state. Getting the green, dry and concentrated feed is easy at a reasonable price.
  • The Environment for Goat farming in MP is quite suitable for any type of breed. The Madhya Pradesh has all three seasons: summer, winter, and Rainy that matters a lot for the better health of Goat.
  • Madhya Pradesh is in the center of India, so importing or exporting goats to any other state is quite easy and cost-effective.
  • The demand for Goat meat is increasing day by day in MP. currently the cost of per Kg goat meat is 500 rs. That is a good sign for the goat farming in MP.
  • You can start Goat farming in MP with a low initial investment.

Goat housing

  • Do keep in mind before starting goat farming in mp that doesn’t overspend money on Goat shed at the beginning of goat farming, you have to start with less amount. After getting some experience spent as much as you can.
  • Generally, goats don’t require expensive shed they need only hygiene and ventilated houses for better living.
  • Provide them enough space for a living don’t overcrowd in the house.
  • The feeding and drinking equipment for goats should be according to the number of goats. For 10 goats 1 feeder and 1 drinker is enough.
  • Spread limestone powder every week is necessary on the farm.
  • The pen should be separated according to age.

Goat Feed

  • Do proper arrangement of Goat feed before taking a goat in the house
  • The Green, Dry and concentrated feed should be properly available in the each day Diet of the goat.
  • The feed given to the goat should be according to their age and weight
  • If the goat is not gaining weight properly then try to change the feed.
  • The cost of goat feed should not be more than 10 rupees per goat.

Economics of Goat farming

According to the livestock census 2012, the total population of goat in India is 13.5 crores. In which Madhya Pradesh contributes 80 lacks Goats and ranks on number 8th position.

The goat sector alone contributes 38590 crores to the total economy of India. Which is a very huge amount. Normally, People of India prefer to eat goat meat because it is lean and has lower cholesterol compared to any other meat.

The Price of Goat Meat is increasing like Skyrocket which is Positive sign for Goat farmers they can make a good money with the goat farming business.


As a Result, If you are planning to start the goat farm and you are from Madhya Pradesh, then you can start this business. This business has the potential to make good money. No doubt it is one of the profitable businesses and many of the goat farmers making good money on doing commercial goat farming in mp. Madhya Pradesh comes in the central part of India and this may be one of the biggest advantages of this business, you can supply your goat everywhere at low cost.

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