Barbari Goat Breed Productivity Guide : 2024

Barbari goat has very high productivity but small weight gain capacity. most of the time weight of the kid depends upon how many kids have given birth by a goat. The Barbari goat is originated in Uttar Pradesh India. It is the Dual purpose goat breed that produces Milk And Meat in very Good Amount.  … Read more

Goat Farming in MP- Madhya Pradesh Complete Guide

The scope of goat farming in MP is increasing rapidly and the strength of goat farms with the Sojat goat Breed is increasing day by day and making Profit. A lot of People starting Goat farming in MP Because this business has the potential to double the income in a limited period of time compared … Read more

Goat Farming in Punjab Region : Best Tips And Guide : 2024

Beetal Goat breed is Best to start Goat farming in Punjab a good revenue can generate through this classic goat breed the average sale price of Beetal is 25000. The North region (Punjab) is the agriculture-based region of the country. The Goat Farming in Punjab can make Good money With Beetal & Barbari Goat Breed. … Read more

Goat Farming In Gujarat: How You Can Start?

The boom of goat farming in Gujarat is increasing continuously, many young entrepreneurs entering into this business, the success rate of this business is very high. If you are from Gujarat and looking for an opportunity in goat farming in Gujarat then you are thinking right. The environment of Gujarat is beneficial for goats and … Read more

Best Chaff Cutter Machine For Agriculture With Price (2024)

The chaff cutter machine price ranges from 25000 to 50000 depends on the output capacity and Electric motor compatible with it. it is a much-needed tool for dairy farming. If you are looking for a chaff cutter machine for agriculture use then you are at the right place. Here in this post, I will suggest … Read more

Goat Farming Complete Information Guide

Goat farming is one of the growing business all over the world because of the huge demand for its tasty meat. All the point cover here how 2 start goat farm. Goat farming is one of the growing businesses all over the world because of the huge demand for its tasty meat. Now goat farming doesn’t remain … Read more

Goat Farming In Bihar Opportunities And Tips: 2024

The success rate of Goat farming in Bihar is more compare to others because it is agriculture dominant state the availability of green fodder is easy in Bihar If you have your own land then Goat farming in Bihar can generate good money for you. Bihar is the agriculture dominant state of India and Goat farming is … Read more

Goat Housing Complete Information

Goat housing or shelter is design for protection against inclement weather conditions. housing requires proper ventilation, solar radiation for kids during winter. Goat Housing – why it is required? Goat housing is one of the most important part of goat farming business. before purchasing goats from the market, there should be an arrangement for his … Read more

Goat Farming In UP Uttar Pradesh: How Can You Make It Profitable?

This is the complete guide of goat farming in Up Uttar Pradesh, How you can make it profitable Goat farming in this state, and what are the schemes for the loan. If you are looking to start Goat farming in UP state Uttar Pradesh then you come to the right place. This post will guide you all … Read more