Goat Farming In Assam: Guide To Success In 2024

Goat farming in Assam has a huge opportunity because a lot of green forage available here, the price of goat meat is too high & people of this state love to eat goat meat. Goat farming is one of the leading businesses in the agriculture sector, if you have your own land and want to … Read more

Goat Farming In Andhra Pradesh: How You Can Start In 2024?

Goat farming in Andhra Pradesh has a very bright future because the demand for goat meat and their products are very high in this state compare to other states. If you are looking to start goat farming in Andhra Pradesh then your decision is right because there are 98 percent of meat-eaters in this state. … Read more

Goat Farming in West Bengal Complete Guide For Begginers

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Nabard Subsidy For Goat Farming 2024 : Learn How to Get?

Learn completely about how to get NABARD subsidy for goat farming in 2023 that help you make a good infrastructure and raise quality goats in your farm Goat farming comes under the agriculture business. This business has a very bright future because of increasing the Demand for Goat milk, meat, and manure. NABARD subsidy for … Read more

Alaskan Malamute Price In India (2024): How Much Do They Cost ?

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Sussex Chicken Complete Information And Facts

Sussex chicken originated in England. it is prolific egg layer as well as quite good in meat purpose. it lays 220 eggs peryear each egg weighs 60 g. Sussex chicken is the English class Dual purpose breed. The breed is originated in Sussex. Sussex is the historic county of southeast England. The breed is developed between … Read more

Kadaknath Chicken Complete Information Guide

Along with the delicious taste, there are a lot of health benefits in the meat of Kadaknath chicken. It is highly nutritious compared to any other breed. Kadaknath is the Indian Meat purpose chicken breed which is different from the other indigenous or Desi chicken breeds of India. The appearance of this Kadaknath chicken is … Read more

Leghorn Chicken Characteristics And Information

Mediterranean class leghorn chicken developed in italy. mainly raised for egg purpose. Mostly used for layer farming laying egg capacity is 300.Mature early The breed leghorn chicken mainly originated in Italy. It comes in Mediterranean class. Leghorn is one of the best egg producing breeds. The breed exported from Italy to America in the mid … Read more

Golden Retriever Price In India (2024): How Much Would It Cost?

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